Tubi heats up their horror library for the month of August

Tubi August - Courtesy Tubi
Tubi August - Courtesy Tubi /

Tubi is a favorite streaming choice for nearly every horror fan, and they just announced their BiteFest selection of films coming in August. Now they have released the remainder of their August schedule, which includes another Tubi Original.

Requiem for a Scream begins streaming on Tubi August26, and it sounds like it just may fit into the slasher category of horror. A twisted killer sets out to slaughter party-goers at an abandoned house on a lake.

The rest of the Tubi August schedule looks like this:

Amusement – This 2008 horror anthology film was released straight to video. The stories consist of a road chase, a missing babysitter tale, a creepy old hotel and of course, a connecting storyline.

Bait – When a tsunami target the coast of Queensland, Australia, a group of strangers are trapped together in a supermarket. Being trapped in a flooded grocery store is bad, but also being surrounded by sharks makes the situation even worse.

Tubi Bitefest – Courtesy Tubi /

Dark Skies (August 23) – Props to Tubi for bringing this awesome scary sci-fi/horror mashup to their platform. The Barrett are going through a very hard time financially, and to top it off, some weird things start happening at home. When Lacy begins to believe UFOs are the culprit, she must do whatever she can to protect her family.

The Evil Dead – The original Sam Raimi film that started off the iconic franchise is available to stream for free in August! A group of friends set off to spend a few nights in a cabin in the woods, and most end up dead.

Evil Dead II – In what was basically a loose remake of The Evil Dead with a higher budget, Raimi brought back Bruce Campbell, some deadites and gallons of slime and blood.

Friday the 13th (2009 version) – Not so much a remake as it is a reboot, this version of the Jason Vorhees story starred Jared Padalecki as Clay, who visits Camp Crystal Lake to search for his sister. A group of friends are staying nearby, and are picked off one by one by Jason.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia – This tepid follow-up to The Haunting in Connecticut is reportedly based on the haunted Wyrick house of Ellerslie, Georgia.

Insidious – This first entry in the Insidious franchise is still the best. Josh, Renai and their three children move into their new house, and shortly thereafter, son Dalton takes a fall and goes into a coma. When paranormal events begin happening, the family moves again, only to find out the activity moves with them.

The Blob – In this 1988 remake, a creepy organism hitches a ride on a satellite that crashes to earth, then commences to overcome and devour everyone in its path.

The Cabin in the Woods – This fun, brilliant film was created by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard takes stereotypical horror tropes (the isolated cabin the woods, a sadistic backwoods family, etc.) and flips them on their heads. The bonkers finale must be seen to be believed. FOR GOD’S SAKE, WATCH OUT FOR THE MERMAN!!

The Wolfman – It’s not clear which version of this film is being added by Tubi, but either way, you can be sure a werewolf will be present.

Searching – In this much better than average screenlife film, David Kim’s teenage daughter Margo disappears, and he must delve into her social media accounts to figure out where she might have gone. Along the way, he discovers many of Margot’s secrets, and ends up embroiled in a mystery.

In addition to the films mentioned above, check out Tubi’s selection of BiteFest films.

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Which Tubi additions for August are you looking forward to the most? Drop your favorites in the comments section.