Six to stream for Halloween: Upcoming horror projects to watch

Devil in Ohio - Courtesy Netflix
Devil in Ohio - Courtesy Netflix /

Any good horror fan knows that Halloween is a year-long celebration, and horror films and series are appropriate for any time of the year. But, we also know that the horror offerings increase dramatically in the two or three months leading to Halloween.

So, for your pre-Halloween viewing pleasure, here are nine streaming projects leading up to The Big Day. While I am sure there are plenty of announcements still on the horizon, these are just my own personal picks from what has been announced thus far.

My first recommendation is not a film, but instead, a limited series coming to Netflix at the beginning of September.

September 2:

Devil in Ohio – This Netflix eight-episode limited series is perfect for pre-Halloween viewing. Suzanne and Peter’s life with their three daughters is disrupted when psychiatrist Suzanne encounters a young girl at her hospital. Mae was found with an upside-down pentagram carved on her back, and appears to have escaped from a cult. As an FBI agent and Suzanne try to get to the bottom of the mystery of Mae, they find themselves being followed by mysterious strangers. Devil in Ohio stars Emily Deschanel, Sam Jaeger, Madeleine Arthur, Alisha Newton, Gerardo Celasco and Zaria Dotson.

September 7:

101 Scariest Movie Moments of All Time – Shudder is bringing us this eight-episode series, focusing on memorable horror movie scenes. You know the kind of scenes we’re talking about here: the ones that stick in your head forever, no matter how old you were when you first saw them. The series is brought to us from the producers of Eli Roth’s History of Horror, and includes commentary by some of the greatest horror minds available. This is the kind of stuff horror fans like myself love, so I am really looking forward to tuning in.

NAOMI WATTS stars in GOODNIGHT MOMMY Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video © 2022 Amazon Content Services LLC /

September 16:

Goodnight Mommy – Amazon Prime Video is bringing us this remake of the 2014 German film, which was directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (The Field Guide to Evil and The Lodge). The unnerving story involves twin boys Lukas and Elias, whose mother has just returned home after having cosmetic surgery. Her face is covered with bandages, and that, combined with her changed demeanor, leads the boys to suspect that she is an imposter, and not their mother at all.

September 27:

The Munsters – Rob Zombie’s version of The Munsters is coming to VOD prior to its Netflix release, which will happen later in the year. It looks like Zombie is veering away from his usual hard-R, gritty, gory filmmaking techniques, and sticking closer to the zany feel of the original series. Jeff Daniel Phillips appears as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie is wife Lily, and there is a cast of horror notables appearing as well, including Cassandra Peterson, Dee Wallace and Butch Patrick (the original Eddie Munster).

September 30:

My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Another addition to Amazon Prime, this film is based on the novel by Grady Hendrix. It’s the 1980s, and Abby and Gretchen are Best Friends Forever. At least that’s what Abby believes until Gretchen begins to change after a night out gone wrong. Strange things start to happen all around her, and Abby begins to believe that her friend is possessed…and she will do whatever she can to save her.

Halloween Ends – Courtesy Universal Pictures /

October 14:

Halloween Ends – The Halloween franchise has been going strong for over 40 years now, so I don’t know if anyone truly believes this sequel will actually end it. Nevertheless, it does sound like this film may actually be Laurie Strode’s swan song, and what a ride it has been. Like the two most recent sequels, Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills, this one is directed by David Gordon Green. It picks up a few years after the events in Halloween Kills, and begins streaming on Peacock the same day it opens in theaters.

I am sure I will be adding to this list as Halloween inches closer, what about you?

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Which new horror series / films are you most looking forward to in the weeks leading up to Halloween? We want to read about it in the comments section!