Shudder October schedule: A new Ghoul Log, Dark Night of the Scarecrow and more

Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Image courtesy Shudder
Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Image courtesy Shudder /

Shudder always goes all out for the Halloween season, and their October schedule is packed full of scary goodness.

The Halloween fun begins on October 1, with the newest edition of the Ghoul Log. Along with the classic Ghoul Log, Return of the Ghoul Log and Night of the Ghoul Log, subscribers will now be able to set the scene for any Halloween event by streaming the Mad God Ghoul Log. If you have watched Phil Tippett’s Mad God on Shudder, you know exactly why this is a brilliant idea for a jack-o’-lantern, and this year’s Ghoul Log was hand-crafted by Tippett Studios.

The  Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time continues in October, with a new episode premiering each Wednesday. Horror icons (filmmakers, actors, et.) break down the craziest, scariest and most chilling moments of horror films old and new.

Queer for Fear is a four-part documentary focusing on the role of the LGBTQ+ community in horror films. It begins streaming on September 30, but that’s close enough to October that it deserves to be included with the Halloween additions.

The Last Drive-In gang returns for a seasonal special with Joe Bob’s Haunted Halloween Hangout, coming to Shudder on October 21. No one knows yet what the two featured films will be, but fans are promised a special guest for this, Joe Bob’s fourth annual Halloween special.

The Boulet Brothers Dragula: Titans hits Shudder on October 25. This ten-episode series is a spinoff of Dragula, featuring many of the most popular competitors from the different seasons. This time around, they are competing in drag and physical challenges, with the grand prize consisting of $100,000, the first Dragula Titans title and crown, and the top spot on the upcoming world tour.

Here are the films being added to the Shudder library in October:

The Descent – Courtesy Shudder /

October 1:

The Descent – Be still, my heart! This is one of my favorites, and if you have never seen it, this is your chance. Six friends take a trip to the Appalachians to spelunk after a tragic accident. While underground in the “undiscovered” cave, the women encounter terrifying creatures, and must literally fight for their lives.

The Descent 2 – I may need to give the sequel another chance, because it just didn’t resonate with me the first time I saw it. The survivor of the spelunking trip emergences from the cave, but the terror is not over for her yet.

The Gate – Two boys manage to dig up the gates of hell, which brings a bunch of demons who want to use them as a sacrifice. If they can’t manage to escape that fate, the demon king will (insert maniacal laugh here) TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

October 3:

The Collingswood Story – A couple involved in a long-distance relationship struggle to keep their love alive through video chatting. But, their relationship may suffer fatal damage when they encounter an online psychic.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow – Believe it or not, this genuinely frightening flick was originally a television movie. Poor Bubba, he’s a bit simple, but he has a friend in little Marylee. When she is mauled by a dog, a group of men in town think Bubba actually did the mauling. They take justice into their own hands, but end up regretting it.

October 4:

 The Other Side of the Underneath – For this unusual 1972 film, Jane Arden directed and wrote an adaptation of her multimedia production A New Communion for Freaks, Prophets and Witches. It’s an exploration of her personal battle with mental illness.

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans – Courtesy Shudder /

Dragula Season 1 – Finally! Fans have been waiting for season one to join the library of Dragula seasons that have been available on Shudder for a while now. This was the season that started it all, and it includes creepy themes like Zombie and challenges that include being buried alive.

Lux Aeterna – In 2019, this French experimental art film was released, in all of its freaky-deaky split-screen glory. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beatrice Dalle star as fictional versions of themselves, ostensibly preparing to film a movie about witches being burnt alive.

October 24:

Manhattan Baby –  In this film by Lucio Fulci, Susie is given an amulet by a blind woman she meets on a trip to Egypt. Afterwards, her archaeologist father is blinded while investigating a tomb. It’s not the best vacation, but things get even worse when the family returns home.

Demonia – Another film by Fulci, this one follows his usual formula of extreme blood and gore to tell a story involving demonic nuns and a deadly monastery crypt.

Aenigma – Lucio Fulci is back with this this 1988 film, said to contain elements of Suspiria and Carrie. A girl at at St. May’s College is injured and becomes comatose after a prank perpetuated by school bullies. Soon, said bullies begin to suffer her wrath in punishments that include death by snails.

Fulci for Fake – In this unusual documentary, an attempt is made to explore the real life of Lucio Fulci. The doc includes home movies, behind-the-scenes footage from Fulci’s films and audio of the man himself.

Next. Bring It On: Cheer or Die coming to Syfy in October. dark

Which Shudder additions are you looking forward to watching in October? Drop your favorite titles in the comments section.