Full October horror roster released for Terror on Tubi

Terror on Tubi - Courtesy Tubi
Terror on Tubi - Courtesy Tubi /

Streaming platform Tubi has finally released the full slate of horror and thrillers coming this month to Terror on Tubi. As always, it’s free to watch all of these selections. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween, so let’s see what we can watch in October on Tubi!

We already wrote about these Tubi originals:

Alone in the Dark

Battle of the Beasts: Bigfoot vs Yeti

The Final Rose

Terror Train

Lights, Camera, Murder: Scream

A Party to Die For

In addition to their original content, the following scary movies will be available:

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge – The first sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street was released only a year after the original film. A lot of the horror was replaced with Freddy’s snappy one-liners, and it’s now known for its homoerotic themes.

Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street. Image Courtesy Shudder /

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – One of the more popular sequels, this one featured Patricia Arquette, Laurence Fishburn, Jennifer Ruben and the return of Nancy, played by Heather Langenkamp. Freddy invades the dreams of a group of teens at a psychiatric hospital.

Arachnophobia – This horror comedy stars Jeff Daniels, John Goodman, Julian Sands and a bunch of scary spiders.

Before I Go to Sleep – After Christine is nearly killed during a vicious attack, she suffers from amnesia. Not only is she not able to form new memories, she does not remember her husband or any other constants in her life.

Bones – Snoop Dogg plays Jimmy Bones, a well-loved numbers runner in his neighborhood. 20 years after he is betrayed and murdered, he returns to seek revenge and save the neighborhood.

Tubi is including film that is even more terrifying after recent events.

Contagion – The theme of this one hits very close to home now. A highly contagious pandemic leads to loss of social order and panic, even while a vaccine is created to halt the spread. The cast includes Matt Damon, Laurence Fishburne, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet.

Deep Blue Sea – A doctor working on an island research facility harvests brain tissue of sharks with altered DNA in an effort to cure Alzheimer’s disease. That doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Doom – A group of space marines is launched to a science lab on Mars to investigate a security breach. Led by Sarge (The Rock), the team learns that a murderer injected with alien DNA has broken free.

Dreamcatcher – This Stephen King adaptation is about a group of men who have been friends since childhood. When a blizzard interrupts their hunting trip, they find themselves battling an evil alien force.

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare – The title is misleading, because there were two more sequels (and a remake) after this one was released, but Freddy moves to a new town in order to slaughter more teens. What a coincidence, his long-lost daughter Maggie lives there, and is a therapist working with troubled kids!

Fright Night – A teenage boy becomes convinced that the charming man who just moved in next door is a vampire. Of course, no one else believes him, but he manages to convince Peter Vincent to help him.

House on Haunted Hill – A millionaire (Geoffrey Rush) invites a bunch of people to spend the night in a former insane asylum, offering a million bucks to anyone who can stick it out for the full night. Spoiler alert: They don’t all make it.

I Spit on Your Grave – A woman who is violently raped by a group of men decides to later go after them. She isn’t looking for legal justice, she wants to kill them.

Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice’s book was brought to life in this film starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Kirsten Dunst. Lestat, Louis and young Claudia are a vampire family of sorts, but Louis is not content to kill people for their blood. He tells all to a reporter, played by Christian Slater.

It – In the original miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel, the Losers Club fights the evil Pennywise in an effort to save themselves and their hometown from an evil takeover.

My Bloody Valentine – In this remake, a group of miners are trapped by an explosion, and only one makes it out alive. The survivor killed the others to conserve oxygen, and awakes from a coma one year later looking for bloody revenge against those responsible for the cave-in.

Oculus – One of Mike Flanagan’s early films, Oculus is about a brother and sister who were traumatized as children after a haunted antique mirror caused their parents’ deaths. As adults, they team up to defeat the evil contained in the mirror.

The Box – Cameron Diaz and James Marsden are a couple whose lives are upended when they receive a box from a strange man. He promises them one million dollars if they choose to press a button on the box, but tells them once they press the button, someone they don’t know will die.

The Collection – In this sequel to The Collector, Arkin, who was terrorized in the first film, finds himself once again fighting off the murderous Collector. This film is worth watching for the jaw-dropping and violent opening alone.

The Descent – A group of women take a trip to cave explore one year after Sarah’s husband and daughter were killed in a car accident. When the women find themselves trapped in the cave, they discover they are not alone.

The Devil’s Advocate – A young lawyer (Keanu Reeves) is recruited to work for a prestigious law firm in New York City. Unfortunately, his new boss (Al Pacino) is Satan himself.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle – When a doctor is accused of sexual assault, he commits suicide and his pregnant wife Peyton (Rebecca De Mornay) miscarries their baby. Peyton goes a little crazy and gets a gig as nanny for the woman her husband assaulted.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (franchise) – It’s not clear how many of the TTCM films are included here, but most horror fans are familiar with the story of Leatherface and his murderous kin.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The 2003 remake of TTCM is also going to be available on Tubi this month.

Twilight Zone: The Movie – Featuring four stories, this 1983 film suffered a heartbreaking disaster when actor Vic Morrow and two child actors were killed in a stunt helicopter scene gone wrong.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie is spirited Halloween fun. dark. Next

Which Tubi additions are you most looking forward to watching as part of your Halloween routine? Let us know in the comments section.