The best paranormal and Halloween content to stream on discovery+

Ghostober - Courtesy discovery+
Ghostober - Courtesy discovery+ /

Discovery+ has so much paranormal and Halloween-themed content to offer that you could spend the entirety of October watching nothing else. As a discovery+ subscriber myself, I did some digging (and some streaming) so I could give you some recommendations.

I tried to choose a wide variety of content, from fun to frightening, and I hope you are inspired to check some of these series out. The fact that you can view the episodes on demand means you are in for a great binge.

Ghost Hunters Classic – Check out this section of discovery+, in which you can see all of the earlier seasons of Ghost Hunters. Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson founded TAPS in 1990 while they were working as plumbers, and these earlier episodes are more raw that later ones. Watch as they investigate iconic haunted locations such as Eastern State University, Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, Waverly Hills Sanitorium and the Lizzie Bordon House.

Hosts Dave Schrader (L), KD Stafford (C), Cindy Kaza (R) pose outside the tunnel at Thompson Park. /

Ghosts of Devil’s Perch – The mayor and sheriff of Butte, Montana were so rattled by the amount of supernatural activity in town that they enlisted the help of paranormal investigator Dave Schrader, tech expert K.D. Stafford and psychic medium Cindy Kaza. Join the team as they investigate different buildings and areas of Butte in an effort to drive out the presence taking over the town.

Discovery+ has some tasty Halloween shows as well scary ones

Halloween Baking Championship – Honestly, this is the most fun of all the Food Network Halloween series this year. The revamping of Halloween Wars has sucked the fun right out of it, even though I still enjoy the sweet and scary creations the teams come up with. But, between John Henson hosting Halloween Baking Championship  at the “Henson Hotel”, the creative Halloween costumes of judges Carla Hall, Zak Young and Stephanie Boswell and the ooey, gooey, bloody deserts the bakers treat us to, this is a fun and delightful show each and every week. As an added bonus, many of the baked goods are decked out with oozing blood and slime!

Halloween Cookie Challenge – For baking creations that are less bloody, but also very creative, give Halloween Cookie Challenge a try. Chef Jet Tila and baking queen Rosanna Pansino host this challenge, in which four bakers each week complete in two rounds. Each baker is challenged to create the most inventive, perfectly decorated cookies. We are not talking just basic flat cookies, either. Often, their challenges involve 3D creations, banners, and even masks, while employing their decorating skills to create fantastic (and very fun) royal icing designs.

Judges Carla Hall, Zac Young, Stephanie Boswell and Host John Henson portrait, as seen on Halloween Baking Championship, Season 8. /

Making Monsters – This series takes us behind the scenes with the mask makers and animatronics creators at Distortions, Unlimited, a manufacturing company that’s been in the business since 1978. They specialize in animatronics, masks, props, costumes and creepy displays utilized by theme parks, Halloween fests, home haunters and collectors of horror memorabilia. If you have ever wondered how the heck those spooky props are made, this is the series for you!

So, when you are weary of watching horror movies, but are still looking for something creepy, check out the Ghostober section of discovery+!

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Are you a discovery+ subscriber? Which are your favorite paranormal and Halloween shows? Give us your own recommendations in the comments section.