The Last Drive-In: Ghoultide Get-Together auction exceeds last year’s total

The Last Drive-In Special, Joe Bob Saves Christmas. Image courtesy Shudder
The Last Drive-In Special, Joe Bob Saves Christmas. Image courtesy Shudder /

If you tuned in to The Last Drive-In Christmas special (AKA Joe Bob’s Ghoultide Get-Together) on December 16, you were treated to a double feature of Don’t Open Till Christmas and A Christmas Horror Story.

But Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl, along with the rest of the madcap crew of The Last Drive-In also treated us to a funny advent calendar created by Yuki, more of Darcy’s cosplay (this time, she was the best looking Krampus ever seen), and once again, Joe Bob had to hold back genuine tears while reading a fan letter chosen specifically by Darcy.

But, most importantly, a lot of money was raised for some very worthy causes, thanks to The Last Drive-In Charity Auction. In all, the auction took in over $208,000, which will be divided evenly among the four featured charities. They include:

The Last Drive-In
Joe Bob. Image courtesy Shudder /

One-of-a-kind props from The Last Drive-In were auctioned off

Auctioned off were props from The Last Drive-In, personal memorabilia from Joe Bob Briggs himself, and some really unique experiences. The most unique was the opportunity to get married on the show, in a ceremony performed by Briggs.

Fans with less available money could also purchase limited-time Ghoultide Get-Together merchandise from Fright Rags, who promised to split the money amongst the four featured charities.

How did this year’s auction compare to the first two? Here’s what Joe Bob had to say about that: “I’m proud to say that our little Mutant Family came up with 420 percent more money than when we first did this in 2020, a full 30 percent increase over 2021–more evidence that horror fans are terrifyingly generous! One hundred percent of the funds go directly to the four charities, so thanks to everyone who made that possible, especially the team at Fright Rags, who always go above and beyond to create premiums for the people too strapped for cash to participate in auctions.”

Overall, it was a pretty great Christmas special, and now we fans wait patiently for the recently-confirmed Valentine’s Special coming up in February! While there has been no “official” announcement, it was stated that the on-set wedding would take place during the Valentine’s special.

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Did you bid on any of the Ghoultide Get-Togetherauction items, or purchase the special Fright Rags’ merchandise? If so, tell us about it in the comments section.