Spotify true crime podcast Conviction returns for a fourth season

The Conviction of Max B - Courtesy Beck Media and Spotify/Gimlet
The Conviction of Max B - Courtesy Beck Media and Spotify/Gimlet /

Spotify / Gimlet premiered the fourth season of their true crime podcast Conviction on January 17th, and it dives into the story of Harlem rapper Max B.

The Conviction podcast tells an all-new story each season, featuring in-depth investigative reporting. The Conviction of Max B is about a rapper teetering on the edge of super-stardom. What started out as a plan to steal a bag of cash from a hotel room ended instead in a kidnapping and execution-style murder. Consequently, Max B ended up being charged with robbery and conspiracy to commit murder.

Host Brandon ‘Jinx’ Jenkins will walk us through the true crime story throughout all five episodes, exploring why someone so close to becoming a star was willing to risk everything for $40,000.

Past seasons of Conviction have included The Disappearance of Nuseiba Hasan, American Panic (which takes a look at the Satanic Panic of the 1980s) and the story of detective Manuel Gomez, who helps people who claim they did not commit the crimes they were arrested for.

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The Conviction of Max B – Courtesy Beck Media and Spotify/Gimlet /

Episode breakdown for The Conviction of Max B true crime podcast is as follows:

Episode 1 – Who’s 40 Grand Not Tempting to? – Meet Max B, a famous Harlem rapper who is really starting to make a name for himself. But his rising star falls in the space of one night.

Episode 2 – Bring the Money – Max comes up with a plan to steal a bag of cash, and it looks like it will be an easy thing to do…until it all goes wrong.

Episode 3 – Never Wanna Go Back – Time is running out for Max B as the police begin tracking him down.

Episode 4 – Hell Hath No Fury – Max B is defended by lawyer Gerry Saluti, as things start to go sideways.

Episode 5 – 75 in the Can – When Max B is sentenced to 75 years, his legal team works hard to reduce his sentence drastically.

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