ID takes a look at The Idaho College Murders in March special

The Idaho College Murders - Courtesy ID
The Idaho College Murders - Courtesy ID /

ID will debut a new true crime special, The Idaho College Murders, in March. The one-hour special will review the 2022 shocking murders, along with the apprehension of the primary suspect now in custody.

In the early morning hours of Sunday, November 13, University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, age 20, Madison Mogen, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20 and Katie Goncalves, age 19 were murdered in the house they shared with two other friends. The remaining two roommates were in the house at the time of the murders, but were left unharmed and are not considered suspects.

All of the students had been out the night before, and there are multiple videos that establish a fairly clear timeline for their activities.

At around 4:00 a.m., one of the surviving roommates heard what sounded like crying from Kernodle’s bedroom. When she stepped out of her own room, a man wearing dark clothing and a mask walked past her and out of the house. It’s suspected that the shock resulted in the roommate not immediately contacting police, and 911 was not called until nearly noon that day.

The Idaho College Murders
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The Idaho College Murders takes a look at the murders and the investigation

Although police were fairly quiet about details, we now know that the four murder victims were stabbed to death, and it was stated that an earlier 911 phone call would not have saved any of them. A search for the killer immediately went into effect, and finally, a suspect was identified nearly six weeks later. PHD student Bryan Kohberger has been arrested, although he denies the charges.

The Idaho College Murders will make its premiere on ID Sunday, March 12 at 10:00 p.m. ET, and will be available to stream the same day on discovery+.

ID promises to take us into Moscow, Idaho’s community to review all of the events and to dive into Kohberger’s activities, as well as looking at the evidence.

CSI and forensic expert Alina Burroughs (Crime Scene Confidential) and Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi (who is a former Brooklyn prosecutor) will give their valuable insight into the crime, along with other experts in true crime cases.

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