Living With Chucky documentary will stream exclusively on Screambox in April

Living With Chucky - Courtesy Screambox
Living With Chucky - Courtesy Screambox /

Fans of Child’s Play and its wise-cracking, carrot-topped villain Chucky have a fascinating documentary to look forward to in Living with Chucky. The doc will make its debut exclusively on Screambox in April.

Living with Chucky director Kyra Elise Gardner has an unusual perspective on Chucky, since she is the daughter of Tony Gardner, the special effects artist who worked on Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

Living with Chucky will feature commentary by Chucky notables such as Brad Dourif (the voice of the evil doll), Fiona Dourif (Nica Pierce), Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany Valentine), Alex Vicent (Andy), Christine Elise (Kyle), John Waters (Pete Peters), Billy Boyd (Glen and Glenda), producer David Kirshner, Tony Gardner himself and franchise creator Don Mancini.

As well as the notable names we just mentioned, fans of the Child’s Play franchise will also give their commentary in Living with Chucky. You can expect to hear from Lin Shaye, Marlon Wayans, Abigail Breslin and Dan Povenmire.

Chucky has proven himself to be one of the most longstanding horror villains in film franchise history. His first appearance was in 1988’s Child’s Play, followed quickly by Child’s Play 2 two years later. 1991 brought us Child’s Play 3, and then the franchise quieted down for a few years.

Living with Chucky
Living With Chucky – Courtesy Screambox /

In 1998, Jennifer Tilly portrayed another character who would become a horror icon when Bride of Chucky was released. She then returned six years later for Seed of Chucky. The franchise again went silent, but 2013 brought Curse of Chucky, followed by Cult of Chucky in 2017.

Child’s Play was rebooted in 2019, and in 2021 the Chucky tv series premiered on Syfy. A third season for Chucky was announced in January, so there is definitely more to come from this franchise.

Not only that, fans can play Chucky video games, read his comic books and purchase tons of Chucky merchandise.

When can we watch Living with Chucky?

Living with Chucky will begin streaming on Screambox on April 4. It will be available to watch on demand the same day via Bloody Disgusting and Cinedigm, and the Blu-ray will be available to purchase as of April 18.

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