Living with Chucky, Family Dinner and more horror coming to SCREAMBOX in April

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SCREAMBOX has an April planned for us that is jam-packed with classic and new horror, plus some exclusives and originals.

We already told you about the Child’s Play/Chucky documentary Living with Chucky, but a doc this good has earned a reminder. I recommend watching if you have any love at all for that evil little carrot top.

Here’s what else is available to stream right now on SCREAMBOX:

Creepshow – Stephen King and George A. Romero, both horror legends, created this 1983 horror comedy anthology film. If you have heard about it and never watched, here’s your chance to check it out. Creepshow features iconic stars such as Tom Atkins, Tom Savini, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Fritz Weaver and E.G. Marshall. Stephen King himself puts in an appearance, as does his son Joe King. Fans of horror books know Joe as Joe Hill, the writer of NOS4A2, Heart-Shaped Box, Horns and The Black Phone.

Want to know more about Creepshow’s background? Check out the SCREAMBOX Exclusive documentary Just Desserts: The Making of Creepshow.

Speaking of Stephen King, you can now watch the 1991 adaptation of Needful Things. When Leland Gaunt (Max von Sydow) shows up in Castle Rock, Maine, the townspeople can’t get enough of his antique store at first. It’s just chock-full of unique items, and it seems like every patron finds something that speaks to them personally. Gaunt not only expects cash payment for these items, he also demands the buyer play “pranks” on others. These pranks turn out to not be so harmless, however.

The Borrower – This ’91 Science-Fiction/Horror film gives us the story of an alien turned serial killer, sent to earth as punishment. In order to look human, the alien has to pop the head off or unwilling human donors. Meanwhile, a couple of detectives (Rae Dawn Chong and Don Gordon) are hot on the killer’s trail.

Razorback – This Australian film is based on one of those crazy 1981 horror novels. Poor old Jake is babysitting his grandson when a gigantic razorback boar barrels into the house and steals the child. Nobody believes Jake’s story, and he is suspected of the murder, causing him to lean hard into revenge.

On April 7, celebrate Easter by watching SCREAMBOX Exclusive Family Dinner. In this Austrian horror flick, an overweight teenage girl is sent to her aunt’s farmhouse for the holiday. Her family hopes Auntie can help her lose weight, but things go wrong.

April 11 brings the highly-anticipated streaming debut of SCREAMBOX Original Cube. This is a remake of the Canadian fave, in which a group of strangers wake up in a strange, closed off room. Worse yet, the room is only one of many contained in a maze-like structure, and it’s booby-trapped.

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SCREAMBOX Original Shifted will be available to watch on April 18. In this film, a bunch of neighbors are trapped by deadly creatures. As if that’s not bad enough, a serial killer is hiding amongst them.

The Birdemic trilogy joins in April. Known for its poor quality and high level of shlock, Birdemic was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, as well as David Guggenheim’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Strange mix, right?

Most horror fans love the original indie film Hell House LLC, its sequels slightly less so. I count myself a fan of the complete trilogy, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys found footage-style horror. The entire collection is available to stream on SCREAMBOX, including the extended director’s cut of the first film.

The Wild Man is another found footage movie, this one focused on a Bigfoot-type creature in Florida. When women in the area go missing, a journalist named Sara travels to Ochopee, Florida to investigate with her crew in tow. Though at first they suspect the local conspiracy theorist Dale, they soon come to believe the Skunk Ape might actually be real.

Confession: I have never seen Thankskilling, which is also available to stream as of this month. It seems crazy to think that a horror comedy featuring topless pilgrims and a homicidal turkey could be so beloved, doesn’t it? But Thankskilling not only received a sequel, there is also a stage musical called Thankskilling: The Musical.

In Timber Falls, a young couple plans a fun weekend camping in the mountainous woods. The vacation goes horribly wrong when they are kidnapped and tortured by a deranged family.

Savageland is horror mockumentary set in a US-Mexico border town. In Sangre De Cristo, an unknown incident contributed to the messy killing of the town’s entire population. What is left of the townspeople are only body parts covered in what appears to be human bite marks. An illegal immigrant is the lone survivor, so he naturally becomes a suspect.

When 1428 Elm reviewed The Andy Baker Tape, we referred to it as “a fresh take on found footage horror.” Food blogger Jeff heads out on a food tour with his half-brother Andy, whom he has just met. It’s an important trip, since it could result in Jeff becoming a Food Network star. When the two begin to experience personality clashes, things get really bad.

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Which SCREAMBOX additions are you the most excited to stream? Drop your picks in the comments section.