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From - Courtesy MGM+
From - Courtesy MGM+ /

As with every episode of the horror series FROM on MGM+, there are a few major developments in season 2, episode 2, “The Kindness of Strangers,” including one that affects Harold Perrineau’s character, Boyd Stevens. Except, as Boyd finds out, there’s something to that old proverb “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” as well as “No good deed goes unpunished.”

After traveling through a Faraway tree, Boyd finds himself stuck in a well that he’s unable to climb out of. Suddenly there’s a voice from above. After a brief exchange, someone throws him a rope.

Boyd climbs out and finds a man who calls himself Martin shackled to the wall —who wants Boyd to kill him. However, being the dutiful sheriff that he is, whether he’s on duty or not, Boyd’s only intention is to try to save Martin.

Except, Martin is —for lack of a better term— infected. As a fine how-do-you-do for trying to save him, Martin infects Boyd too. On purpose!

These scenes were some of the ones we asked Perrineau about during our chat. Here’s the Q&A that ensued, with some minor edits for clarity. But you can also watch Perrineau’s responses. Our interview with him is embedded below.

FROM – Courtesy MGM+
FROM – Courtesy MGM+ /

1428 Elm: I have a question about the rope. Because you know season 1 ends with you going through the Faraway tree, and then you’re in the well. Then you call out, somebody throws you down a rope, you get up there, Martin’s shackled to the wall. So how the heck did the rope get to you?

Harold Perrineau: Right?

1428 Elm: Do we find out?

Harold Perrineau: Right? (laughing) When you ask that question, all I can say is, “Right?” (more laughing)

That’s exactly how all of season 2 goes. It’s like you get the answer like, “Oh, am I alone?” No, he’s not alone. Wait. Who…who…who threw the rope? (laughing)

Like, it’s just so like mind-bending, right? I think that’s the fun part about it. Like, you get the answers, and I’m glad that you actually mentioned that because some people, they’ve seen it, and read it even, and they’re like three episodes later, they go, “Wait. Who threw you the rope?” (laughing)

It’s a really good question. That’s all I’m saying.

Quick comment: We had a brief exchange after this part where I wish I’d been a better listener. I was so focused on the time constraints of the interview and getting to the next question that I talked right over Perrineau when he said, “It’s really, really interesting.” Which referred to both the scene specifically and the season overall.

Instead, I pushed ahead with the next question, but I wish I’d said, “It sure is!”

1428 Elm: And then I have to bring up the worms because I imagine as an actor you guys have to sometimes get wet, you get muddy, but I imagine that in the case of these worms, you’re probably pretty happy that’s FX and you don’t have to things squirming under your arm, right? 

Harold Perrineau: So happy you can’t even imagine. (laughing)

Like, I played with bugs for the spider because I just…I don’t like spiders either. But I played with some bugs on my skin to give me that feeling before it starts. And it’s gross, but I’m so glad that was special effects ’cause, you know, I’m that actor. It’s like, “Oh, you have worms that go under my skin? Okay, let’s put ’em in.” (laughing)

I would’ve done it. So I’m glad that it’s a special effects thing. So I can just go ahead and imagine this one, and just like, try to, you know…because at the end of the day, what’s really…what’s bigger than the worms is Boyd trying to figure out is this real? You know what I mean?

Like, more than just the worms, is any of this real? From Martin, from the rope…is any of this real? So even scarier than the creepy crawlies that would be in my skin, the bigger question for Boyd is, “Have I just lost it? And can I trust myself, or can any of these people trust me?”

And that’s what’s really scary to me. Like when you think you have a leader, and now the leader doesn’t even know if he can do it. Yeah. Now it’s getting terrifying.

Watch Harold Perrineau in FROM season 2. New episodes premiere Sundays on MGM+ through June 25.

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