Here’s some queer horror to stream on Shudder for Pride month

The Boulet Brothers Halfway to Halloween - Courtesy Shorefire Media
The Boulet Brothers Halfway to Halloween - Courtesy Shorefire Media /

June is Pride month, and Shudder has always touted their Queer Horror Collection. This year is a bit different, since the horror streaming platform underwent some structural changes at the end of 2022. Since that time, their monthly schedules have been a bit leaner.

The good news is that Shudder still has a Queer Horror Collection, and there are still some quality selections included in it. Currently, the following films are available:

  • The Boulet Brothers Halfway to Halloween Special
  • Queer for Fear
  • After Blue
  • Ultra Pulpe
  • Jack be Nimble
  • Attachment
  • Dragula
  • Dragula: Titans
  • So Vam
  • All About Evil
  • The Wild Boys

While several of these films have been included with Shudder for quite some time, others are new and notable, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

Queer For Fear Key Art – Courtesy Shudder /

What are some of the newer additions to Shudder for Pride month?

Let’s start with the docuseries Queer for Fear. This 4-part series takes a look at queer horror throughout time, beginning with authors Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray) and Bram Stoker (Dracula). Each of these famous authors has had their written work adapted for film multiple times, and while the queerness of Shelley and Wilde are well-known, I did not know that Bram Stoker may have been gay. There is a letter he wrote to Walt Whitman that indicates he might have been in love with the famous poet.

Included in Queer for Fear is commentary by many horror notables, including Tawny Cypress and Liv Hewsen of Yellowjackets, Bryan Fuller (creator of the series Hannibal), Lachlan Watson (Chucky) and horror-centric drag queen Alaska Thunderf**k. And, that’s just a short list of people who provided commentary during the first episode.

Queer for Fear is engrossing and entertaining, and provides a lot of interesting information about the history of queer content in horror films.

The Boulet Brothers Halfway to Halloween TV Special is simply delightful (while also delightfully gory). Inspired by the holiday variety shows of the 1970s, the special includes skits, faux commercials and a large number of guest appearances.

Just as an example of what you will see, the opening skit is a Seinfeld parody, with Steve Agee (Brightburn) as Frankenstein’s monster, Jorge Garcia (The Munsters) as Igor, and Dana Delorenza (Ash vs Evil Dead) as the Bride of Frankenstein. It’s a clever re-imagining of the famous Seinfeld episode “The Contest.”

Other guest stars include David Dastmalchian (The Boogeyman), Kevin Smith (Tusk), Matthew Lillard (Scream), Barbara Crampton (Jakob’s Wife), Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Sigourney Beaver (Dragula). There is also a musical number performed by Twin Temple.

The Boulet Brothers’ Halfway to Halloween TV Special is a Shudder original, and it’s perfect to put you in the mood for spooky season, while also acknowledging Pride month.

The first season of Chucky is currently available to stream on Shudder. It originally aired on Syfy / USA, and sees the homicidal doll from Child’s Play continue his murderous adventures. Teenager Jake buys Chucky at a yard sale, and things get messy pretty quickly.

The series delves quite a bit into queer territory, with the lead character of Jake being gay. Fans of Child’s Play probably remember Chucky and Tiffany’s non-binary child Glen/Glenda, who also appears in the Chucky series. Actor Lachlan Watson plays the dual character, and they also identify as non-binary.

Other characters who made the jump from Child’s Play to Chucky include Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky), Christine Elise (Kyle) and Jennifer Tilly, who plays the iconic bride of Chucky, Tiffany Valentine.

Chucky is a clever continuation of Child’s Play, with plenty of shocking twists throughout the series.

These three choices are a good starting point for those who want to check out the Shudder Queer Horror Collection. But don’t stop there, the rest of the selections are pretty decent too!

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