Joe Bob and The Last Drive-In present first episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City

Joe Bob Briggs - Courtesy AMC
Joe Bob Briggs - Courtesy AMC /

Joe Bob Briggs promised us that a special announcement would be made today, and he came through! At 3:00 this afternoon, Joe Bob tweeted his announcement, and it’s great news for fans of The Last Drive-In and The Walking Dead.

The fun started when Joe Bob made “a very important announcement about a very important announcement” on Wednesday. In the short video, he let us know that he would be returning the next day to give us some big news, and he made good on that promise.

There will be a special edition of The Last Drive In featuring the series premiere episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City this coming Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET. The special will air on both Shudder and AMC+.

Joe Bob made the announcement on social media, accompanied by a 30-second promo video that was (of course) funny, while also highlighting some of the horror contained in the new series.

The Walking Dead: Dead City
The Walking Dead: Dead City season 1 key art /

The Walking Dead, as pretty much everyone knows, was a hugely successful series for AMC right out of the gate. It introduced us to characters that we had deep, sometimes complex feelings towards, contained movie-level practical blood effects and it ran for eleven seasons. When the series ended in November of last year, plans were already in the works to launch two new spin-off series.

One of those series is The Walking Dead: Dead City, and the other will follow the further adventures of Daryl Dixon. The Walking Dead: Dead City continues the stories of popular TWD characters Maggie and Negan, who venture into what has become of New York City in search of Maggie’s son Hershel.

Young Hershel has been kidnapped, and our two heroes have to navigate Manhattan, now a dangerous place cut off from the mainland in order to rescue him.

If you miss the special on Sunday, there will be an encore showing on AMC’s linear platform on Friday, June 23 at 11:00 p.m. Shudder subscribers can stream the special on demand beginning on June 22.

Since Joe Bob and The Last Drive-In crew hosted a special showing of the first episode of TWD last year, it’s only right that they return to launch The Walking Dead: Dead City.

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