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ID is introducing another season of People Magazine Investigates this summer, and the new season will focus on some very well-known cases.

People Magazine Investigates employs their award-winning journalists to present viewers with in-depth breakdowns of fascinating true crime cases, both solved and unsolved, and they are pulling out all the stops for their seventh season. From coverage of the “yogurt shop murders” to the Times Square Killer, followers of true crime will learn new information, watch archival footage and see exclusive interviews with law enforcement, family members and eyewitnesses.

The two-hour season premiere will give us the full story of the Girl Scout Murders, which happened in Oklahoma in 1977. Around 6:00 on the morning of June 13, a camp counselor at Camp Scott discovered a girl’s body in a sleeping bag, just outside of the tent area. A quick check of the campers showed that the three girls who had been in tent #7 were missing, but soon enough the other two bodies were found. Lori Lee Farmer (age 8), Michelle Heather Guse (9) and Doris Denise Milner (10) had all been sexually assaulted, bludgeoned and strangled.

It’s a horrifying, often frustrating tale, and if you aren’t familiar with it, I highly recommend checking out the episode when it airs. The episode will include a new interview with some of Lori Lee Farmer’s family members and testimony from some of the jurors who served on the trial.

Season seven of People Magazine Investigates will premiere on ID Monday, July 10 at 9:00 p.m. ET

A new episode will premiere each Monday at 9:00 p.m., and here are the episode details:

Monday, July 17: The I-70 Killer – In spring of 1992, a serial killer shot and killed at least six store clerks in Indiana, Kansas and Missouri. With the exception of one male, the victims were all young women with long brown hair, and all of them were shot execution-style. Although the killer was seen by several people and a composite sketch was made, the identity of the killer is unknown to this day.

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Monday, July 24: Where is Mark Himebaugh? – On November 25, 1991, 11-year-old Mark Himebaugh walked out of his house to watch firefighters put out a nearby bush fire. While he was occupied with that, his mother went out on an errand, and when she returned about 40 minutes later, Mark was not home. Now, 32 years later, his mother still waits for his return, and the case remains unsolved.

Monday, July 31: Final Rodeo – When 16-year-old cowgirl Britney Ujlaky disappeared in March of 2020, her friends and family feared the worst. Britney was known to be a happy, compassionate teen, who volunteered at a the local 2U Ranch, grooming and riding the horses and helping with cattle drives. Three days later, her body was found, and everyone was shocked when the investigation seemed to lead to an 18-year-old boy she referred to as “brother.”

Monday, August 7: The Strange Disappearance of Karlie Guse – 16-year-old Karlie Guse went to a party with some friends. While there, it is reported that she smoked marijuana and had a paranoid reaction, causing her to call her stepmother to pick her up. According to her father and stepmother, her pupils were dilated and she continued to act erratically. The next morning, she was gone. Internet sleuths have long believed that Karlie’s stepmother knows more than she is letting on, due to her story changing, but People Magazine Investigates wants to dispel the rumors and get on with the job of finding Karlie.

Monday, August 14: Brighton Ax Murder – In February of 1982, Jim Krauseneck told investigators that when he came home from work, he found his wife Cathy dead. She was in their bed, and ax embedded in her head. Their three-year-old daughter Sara was unharmed in her own room. The case remained unsolved, but was re-opened in 2015…and everyone was stunned when they found out who was being accused of the murder.

Monday, August 21: The Yogurt Shop Murders – Close to midnight on December 6, 1991, a police office saw a fire at the Austin, TX I Can’t Believe It’s Yogurt! Shop, and reported it. When firefighters were able to put the fire out, they discovered the nude bodies of 13-year-old Amy Ayers, 14-year-old Eliza Thomas, 15-year-old Sarah Harbison, and 17-year-old Jennifer Harbison. All four had been shot in the head execution-style, and though an arrest was eventually made, convictions were overturned. The case continues to confound investigators and true crime followers to this day, leading People Magazine Investigates to do its own investigation.

Monday, August 28: Held Captive: The Disappearance of Tanya Kach – Eighth grader Tanya Kach felt lost and unloved after her parents’ divorce, so she was grateful when her school’s security guard Thomas Hose befriended her. Her trust in Hose ended up costing Tanya her freedom for 10 long years before she managed to escape.

Monday, September 4: Dead in Bed – When a murder occurs in a small town in Texas, there are multiple suspects. But who would kill a 19-year-old girl and leave her in her boyfriend’s bed? It’s a cold case for a long time, but when a new sheriff takes control of the case, he is able to find something new in the old evidence.

Monday, September 11: Star Crossed Killers – When Joanne Witt discovered her 14-year-old daughter Tylar was involved with 19-year-old Steven Colver, she was obviously upset about it. The only way Witt agreed to not press charges was if the two stopped seeing one another, and though they agreed, it didn’t last. When Witt is found murdered, a manhunt is organized, and the search for the two lovers is on.

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