Spirit Halloween offers limited edition Killer Klowns from Outer Space Funko Movie Moment collectible

Spirit Halloween Logo - Courtesy Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween Logo - Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Spirit Halloween has been rolling out new collectible figures ahead of the spooky season this year, and now another fun collectible has been added to the list for 2023.

First announced was the Corpse Bride Movie Moment Funko, then we got a peek at the adorably terrifying Horror Babies figures. Next up: an exclusive limited-edition Funko POP! Movie Moment from Killer Klowns from Outer Space. This collectible piece was released to celebrate Killer Klowns from Outer Space’s 35th anniversary, and features Bibbo and Shorty popping out of a pizza box to shoot their victim with a cotton candy gun.

Spirit Halloween no doubt recognizes the love fans have for this cult sci-fi/horror/comedy mashup, featuring a group of evil extraterrestrials who appear to unsuspecting humans as clowns. While they wreak havoc in order to drink human blood, Mike, Debbie, Dave, Rich and Paul try to defeat the evil clowns.

The clowns use iconic props to defeat unsuspecting humans, such as balloon animals, destructive ray guns that look like toys, and klown larva distuised as harmless-looking popcorn.

Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween Killer Klowns Funko POP – Courtesy Spirit Halloween /

Killer Klowns from Outer Space was released on May 27 of 1988, and was directed and produced by the Chiodo Brothers, who were also responsible for the eye-popping and colorful practical effects and makeup. Despite the extreme affection fans have for Killer Klowns from Outer Space, plans for a sequel have been in development hell practically since the original was released.

Since we don’t have a sequel to look forward to any time soon, why not purchase the Funko POP! collectible from Spirit Halloween?

The Spirit Halloween Movie Moment Funko stands at 6.4” tall, and can be purchased exclusively on the website or in select Spirit Halloween stores for $39.99. We know that the Spirit Halloween stores aren’t open yet, but cheer up! Store openings typically happen in early-to-mid August, so that’s just around the corner. If you are lucky enough to live near Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, the flagship store is hosting lots of fun activities for their annual grand opening, which will take place on July 29 this year.

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