Interview with Aged writer/director Anubys Lopez

Aged composer Anubys Lopez - Courtesy Anubys Lopez
Aged composer Anubys Lopez - Courtesy Anubys Lopez /

Anubys Lopez is a rather new filmmaker, but there are things to ask about his recent film, Aged, starring Morgan Boss-Maltais, Carla Kidd, and Dave McClain. The synopsis of Aged: After taking a temporary job as a caregiver, a young woman realizes her employer and the house have a dangerous, dark past.”One review calls it “an intriguing watch.”  Aged is available to stream now on Tubi.

Interview with Aged Writer/Director Anubys Lopez

1428 ELM: What inspired you to become a filmmaker, particularly within the horror and thriller genres?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: I think the ability to make people feel certain things in a certain way. I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker. As long as I can remember. I remember as a kid in Cuba setting up stories with my friends and directing them on how to act them out. I think Horror can give you feelings no other genre can. When we are scared, and at our most vulnerable state, that’s when we show who we really are. Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable can be such a powerful feeling. And I love bringing that out in people.

1428 ELM: Can you tell us more about your creative process when developing stories?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: I pretty much start with writing ideas down on my phone. Taking notes here and there. Adding colors I see, details and feelings from other real-life situations. Like the way some people talk, or how they conduct themselves. Or the eerie feeling you get from talking to a creepy stranger. Or how you feel when you go camping and you’re alone for a few minutes.

Those feelings, situations. I put them all together and try to create or elaborate on a story. It’s always about how it makes you feel. People will forget the name of a film, but they will never forget how it made them feel.

Anyubys Lopez on creating an unsettling atmosphere

Anubys Lopez
Aged – Courtesy Harrow House Films /

1428 ELM: How do you go about creating the unsettling and uncomfortable atmosphere that is characteristic of your films?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: I think about what scares me. What makes me personally uncomfortable? I talk to friends and family members about what gives them the creeps. Places they wouldn’t go to, things they wouldn’t want to see someone do. Then mix it all together.

1428 ELM: What drew you to explore the psychological aspects of horror rather than relying on physical scares?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: Psychological horror makes movies scarier by getting deep into people’s fears and anxieties. It connects with the audience on a deeper level and makes them feel more scared and uncomfortable. This is because it explores emotions and vulnerabilities in a detailed way, making the experience more relatable and unsettling.

1428 ELM: Could you share some insights into the themes and messages you often incorporate into your films?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: The themes in my films often revolve around human nature, the influence of the past, personal growth, and the blurred lines between reality and the supernatural or psychological. They mostly come from personal experiences, like religion. Or people’s traumas. Sometimes personal, sometimes things I’ve heard or read.

Fear of aging

1428 ELM: What challenges did you face while making your latest film, Aged and how did you overcome them?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: One of the biggest challenges we faced was time constraint. We had to shoot so much into our 10-hour days that we had to carefully plan everything shot by shot. We did most of the night scenes during the day, and vice versa. We only had the place for a certain amount of days, so we had to take advantage of every minute.

1428 ELM: How did you approach incorporating the concept of a dangerous, dark past into the storyline of Aged?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: We did it by carefully crafting the storyline to gradually reveal the haunting history of the house and its inhabitants. We used suspense, subtle hints, and character interactions to build intrigue and create a sense of unease.

1428 ELM: In what ways do you believe the film can resonate with viewers and make them feel uneasy or uncomfortable?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: By tapping into people’s natural fear of aging. Aging is a universal and inevitable aspect of life that often evokes anxiety and unease in individuals. By incorporating this theme into the story, the film plays on these deep-seated fears and anxieties, highlighting the unsettling aspects of the aging process. It explores the vulnerabilities, physical decay, and psychological challenges associated with growing old, which can strike a chord with viewers who have their own fears and concerns about aging.

Techniques and directorial choices in Aged

1428 ELM: Are there any specific techniques or directorial choices you made in Aged to enhance the psychological impact on the audience?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: Yes! The placement of old pictures throughout the house, the use of antique elements like the wheelchair, and the use of 1900s music. The font and color of the film. They all played a role in the film to mentally impact the audience into believing the story.

1428 ELM: What can we expect from your future projects? Will you continue to explore the horror and thriller genres, or are there other genres you’re interested in exploring as well?

ANUBYS LOPEZ: I can’t say much about my next project yet, but this is the synopsis: “In the wake of their mother’s death, two daughters reluctantly return to their childhood home, only to discover that the eerie paintings adorning the walls possess a malevolent intent to claim their lives, while unraveling a chilling secret that has haunted their family for generations.”

As for the genre, it’s a horror/psychological thriller. I don’t think I’d ever pursue another genre. It’s just not for me.

We’d like to thank Anubys Lopez for answering our questions!

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