Shudder in August: Polish horror, Bad Things and a creepy doll

The Communion Girl - Courtesy Shudder
The Communion Girl - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder has rolled out their August schedule, and it is mostly populated by little-known horror films – not that that’s a bad thing!

We have a couple of Polish films, a body horror film set in the Irish sea, and a 1980s-set film that features everyone’s favorite horror prop: a creepy doll. Let’s dig in to what Shudder is offering up in August!

August 7:

Tower. A Bright Day – This Polish psychological horror film tells the story of Mula, whose long lost sister Kaja mysteriously turns up just before the first communion of Mula’s daughter Nina. Mula begins to believe that Nina is out to tear apart the family.

Monument – Another Polish film, this one is about a group of student interns traveling by bus to a remote hotel. When they wake up on a cold bus, the students are confused; none of them know one another, and something just isn’t right.

August 11:

The Communion Girl (Shudder Original, available in CA, US, UKI and ANZ) – Creepy doll alert! Set in Spain in the late 1980s, The Communion Girl is about introverted new girl Sara, who is trying desperately to make friends with the other teenagers in Tarrgona. Sara and her more outgoing friend Rebe go to a nightclub, and happen upon a child dressed for her first communion and holding a doll. After that, things get scary.

A Dark Song – Courtesy Shudder /

August 14:

Elizabeth Harvest – A sci-fi/thriller mashup, this film is about a young newlywed named Elizabeth, who discovers that her new husband may not be who she thinks he is. As we find out, Henry is a brilliant scientist who has cloned his wife, thereby allowing him to continuously marry her and kill her.

A Dark Song – Grieving the death of her young son, Sophia contacts an occultist to help her perform a ritual she hopes will allow her to speak with her son again. The ritual is extremely dangerous and harrowing, and they are risking their souls.

America Latina – Massimo, his wife and their two daughters live in a decaying mansion on the outskirts of Rome. Upon going down to the home’s cellar, Massimo discovers a bound and gagged young woman.

August 18:

Bad Things – Photo Credit: Shudder /

Bad Things (Shudder Original) – Available on Shudder US, CA, ANZ and YKI) – A group of friends make the unwise decision to spend a weekend away at an abandoned hotel inherited by Ruthie. Ruthie wants to sell the place, but her partner wants to restore it. Joined by their friend Maddie and the mysterious Fran, they soon find themselves affected by a negative energy. Gayle Rankin, Hari Nef, Rad Pereira, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and the iconic Molly Ringwald star.

Sea Fever – When the crew of an Irish fishing trawler venture into an exclusion zone, they hit something and find themselves at a standstill. One of them dives below the boat and sees a gigantic creature, and the entire crew must figure out a way to escape the parasite that has infested their water supply. Sounds like some good old-fashioned watery body horror to me!

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