The Dead Files returns to Travel Channel after Amy Allan’s departure

The Dead Files - Courtesy Travel Channel
The Dead Files - Courtesy Travel Channel /

Fans of The Dead Files were shocked when psychic medium Amy Allan made the decision to leave the show during the current season. Amy stated that she needed a “personal break”, and Cindy Kaza took Amy’s place alongside former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi.

It hasn’t been made clear whether or not Amy is expected to return to The Dead Files should it return for another season, but Cindy Kaza definitely has the chops to take over Amy’s work, whether it be temporarily or permanently.

Travel Channel viewers of course recognized Kaza from her stints on other paranormal series, such as The Holzer Files, Ghosts of Devil’s Perch and Michigan Hell House. She and DiSchiavi will be working together on the remaining seven episodes of this season’s The Dead Files, which will begin in September.

The two will continue the work DiSchiavi and Allan began, working together to help frightened property owners who are being haunted by often terrifying paranormal activity. Each performs their own investigation in their own individual way: DiSchiavi plays detective, doing research and conducting interviews with experts, historians and witnesses, while Kaza will use her psychic abilities to speak with the ghosts haunting the properties.

Afterwards, they get together to find out how much of what each has learned fits the paranormal puzzle they are trying to put together.

The Dead Files will resume on Thursday, September 7, 10:00 p.m. ET on Travel Channel.

The Dead Files
The Dead Files – Courtesy Travel Channel /

The premiere episode is titled The Butcher, and we meet Donalyn. Donalyn has considered herself sensitive to the paranormal throughout her life, but none of this actually scared her until her adult daughter Regan returned home to move in with her. Suddenly she found herself and her family besieged with activity that threatens to tear the family apart.

Can Steve DiSchivia and Cindy Kaza work together to help the family? Tune in to The Dead Files to find out!

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