New horror creeping across AMC Networks in September

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster - Courtesy RLJE
The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster - Courtesy RLJE /

AMC Networks has new horror and thriller content rolling out all the time, and like most streaming platforms, they are pulling out all of the stops in September and October. What’s coming up on AMC in October remains to be seen, but they have released details on September’s additions, so let’s take a look.

September 1:

Countdown to FearFest will be hosted by AMC+ and Shudder, featuring Shudder Original Series 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time and loads of iconic must-see Halloween films such as Children of the Corn, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Halloween and Night of the Living Dead.

Beginning on September 1, Shudder and AMC+ will feature a new original film each week. These originals are Perpetrator, Blood Flower, Elevator Game, The Angry Black Girl and her Monster and Nightmare.

September 7:

The Walking Dead: Best of Daryl allows TWD fans to relive Daryl’s most iconic moments with this special collection of episodes (which includes the series finale).

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: Emmanuel Guimier/AMC /

September 10:

On AMC, horror fans can catch the premiere of the newest series set in The Walking Dead Universe with The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. The series features the character made famous by Norman Reedus, and it’s set in Paris. PARIS!

September 15:

AMC+’s new Featured Collection is Dulce o Truco!: Latinx / Hispanic Thrillers and includes thrillers from AMC, Shudder and IFC. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will be featured, along with films such as The Communion Girl, Cell 211, Julia’s Eyes and Huesera: The Bone Woman.

September 25:

Season one of The Terror  begins streaming on AMC+, Shudder and Acorn TV on the 25th.  In a story inspired by real life events, this series follows the Royal Navy as they navigate unchartered water in an attempt to discover the Northwest Passage. As they face freezing weather and other extremely dangerous conditions, the men begin to struggle with not only the uncontrollable elements, but also each other.

September 28:

Sundance Now Original Series The Vanishing Triangle opens with a two-episode premiere. New episodes will break each Thursday through October 26. When journalist Lisa Wallace writes a story about her own mother’s murder, she receives a taunting letter from someone claiming to be the killer and also some photos of another potential victim. Lisa and a Detective work together to find out if the killer is responsible for a recent rash of missing girls, as the killer taunts Lisa by making her choose victims and threatens her life.

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