Lifetime: New Ripped From the Headlines Originals coming in September and October

Murdaugh Murders - Courtesy Lifetime
Murdaugh Murders - Courtesy Lifetime /

Lifetime seems to be fully embracing the spooky season spirit this year! Each Saturday, you can watch a new Ripped From the Headlines Original, including the network’s 500th original, Murdaugh Murders: The Movie.

The true crime extravaganza begins on September 16, and you can watch a new Lifetime Ripped From the Headlines Original every weekend through October 28.

Let’s take a look at what Lifetime is treating us to during the Halloween season.

September 16: How She Caught a Killer – In a story inspired by true events, rookie detective Linda (Sarah Drew), who just finished the police academy hears her boss discussing a serial killer who targets sex workers. Linda teams up with an FBI agent and goes undercover in an attempt to catch the killer.

Stolen Baby: The Lifetime original: Stolen Baby: The Murder of Heidi Brossard – Courtesy Lifetime /

September 23: Stolen Baby: The Murder of Heidi Broussard – Best pals Magen and Heidi do everything together. When Heidi gets pregnant, Magen fakes her own pregnancy and travels to be with her friend. But shortly after Heidi has her baby, she disappears along with the infant, and law enforcement suspects Magen may be involved.

September 30: Amish Stud: The Eli Weaver Story – Barbara and Eli were living the traditional Amish life of a married couple in Ohio. But Eli (Luke Macfarlane) made the decision to give in to his repressed dersires, hooking up with many women and telling them how much he wanted to kill his wife. When Barbara is killed, he becomes the first suspect…but now investigators have to find proof.

October 7: Buying Back My Daughter – 16-year-old Alicia is like any other rebellious teen, and sneaks out one night to go to a party. When she doesn’t return home, her parents mount a search party to no avail. Nearly a year later, Dana sees her daughter in an online ad for escorts, and the couple try to figure out how to buy Alicia back from the traffickers who have her.

October 14 and 15: Murdaugh Murders: The Movie – Bill Pullman stars as the infamous Alex Murdaugh, the privileged South Carolina man with many deadly secrets. When his son Paul is involved in a boat accident where a young girls is thrown from the boat and dies, the Murdaugh family is thrown into turmoil, and the story takes some deadly twists and turns.

October 21: Bad Romance: The Vicky White Story – Vicky is just another corrections officer, who lives a boring and mundane life until meets a new prisoner, Casey White. Vicky falls hard for Casey, so when he is scheduled to be transferred to another prison, she breaks him out and goes on the run with him.

October 28: Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story – Ella (Melissa Joan Hart) is raising her granddaughter Mary at the behest of her daughter Veronica. When Veronica marries the abusive Willard, Ella, Mary and Veronica all suffer the consequences until one of them shoots him. The story is told through the eyes of each of the three women, as viewers try to determine who actually pulled the trigger.

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