Ghost Adventures opens new season with a two-hour special in October

Ghost Adventures - Courtesy Discovery Channel
Ghost Adventures - Courtesy Discovery Channel /

Discovery Channel is gearing up for the Halloween season, announcing an all-new season of Ghost Adventures, coming up in October.

Join paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Jay Wasley, Billy Tolley and Aaron Goodwin for their in-depth, often challenging explorations of haunted places. The spine-chilling fun starts with a two-hour special called Ghost Adventures: Devil Island, as the crew checks out Angel Island across the San Francisco Bay. Watch as they encounter an angry entity at the location of a former immigration station.

Later in the season, the Ghost Adventures team checks out an old mining tunnel located in Sutro Ghost Town in Nevada. Is something in the tunnel leading to the ominous aura surrounding the entire Sutro Ghost Town?

The town was founded by a German immigrant, who had dreams of discovering gold in the area. It was his idea to build the huge tunnel, but a fire suffocated and killed 45 men in the tunnel in April of 1869. That’s just the kind of thing to stir up supernatural activity, and many paranormal investigations have been performed at the site in the years since.

Ghost Adventures
Ghost Adventures – Courtesy Discovery /

The team’s adventures continue as they fight a severe winter blizzard to confront another evil presence at a former ranch in Utah before moving on to California. There, they investigate a family haunting in Northridge the haunted Orcutt Ranch in Los Angeles and a 90-year old mansion located in the middle of the desert, Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley,

When does the new season of Ghost Adventures premiere on Discovery Channel?

Ghost Adventures: Devil Island will make its debut on Wednesday, October 4 at 9:00 p.m., with new episodes premiering each Wednesday. Join the Ghost Adventures team as they work tirelessly to conduct their investigations, break down the evidence and get to the bottom of haunting activity at locations all over the world.

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