Watch an exclusive clip for Terror Films’ new horror movie Grieve

Grieve - Image courtesy Terror Films
Grieve - Image courtesy Terror Films /

Terror Films is releasing a new film called Grieve, and 1428 Elm has an exclusive clip to share with you!

If you are a fan of the Hell House LLC films, The Taking of Deborah Logan, Landmine Goes Click, Savageland, Don’t F**k in the Woods and The Andy Baker Tape, you are already familiar with Terror Films. Grieve joins these well-respected low budget films (plus many more) on their roster of independent horror that has gained a following.

With the upcoming fourth installment in the Hell House LLC franchise, the company is on a roll! As we know, Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Murders will be available to stream on Shudder in October, joining Hell House LLC, Hell House LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel and Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire.

The Taking of Deborah Logan has also acquired quite a loyal following, and has a reputation for being one of the best found footage horror films available. It and Landmine Goes Click (along with other select Terror Films projects) are available to watch currently on Tubi.

Grieve - Terror Films
Grieve – Image courtesy Terror Films /

Terror Films gives the following synopsis for Grieve:

"“A man engulfed in the suffocating grip of loss finds his life fragmented. Struggling to navigate through his emotional fog, his mother suggests a retreat to her cabin – but an ancient entity that thrives on sorrow has taken root. The New England winter punctuates this love letter to creeping horror and slow cinema, like a marriage of Chantal Ackerman and Kiyoshi Kurosawa.”"

Grieve, which was both directed and written by Robbie Smith, stars Danielle Keaton and Paris Peterson.

When will Terror Films’ Grieve be available to watch?

The film will be available to view On Demand beginning October 6. Watch the exclusive clip below:

Looks appropriately dark and spooky, right? Although it is a very brief clip, it’s enough to pique my interest!