Eli Roth and Zak Bagans return for season two of The Haunted Museum

A rocking chair believed to be possessed by a terrifying demon is the subject of a short film from THE HAUNTED MUSEUM.
A rocking chair believed to be possessed by a terrifying demon is the subject of a short film from THE HAUNTED MUSEUM. /

Travel Channel is leaning even harder into paranormal content in October, so Eli Roth and Zak Bagans will be back with a new season of The Haunted Museum. It’s a unique series that uses hand-picked writers and directors to tell tales inspired by the items included in Bagans’s Haunted Museum.

The scripted series consists of eight short horror films, and is bringing out some of the most terrifying items currently housed in the Haunted Museum, which is located in Las Vegas. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the items featured in the upcoming season: Serial killer Ed Gein had many creepy items in his house, including a cauldron now owned by Bagans. And how do you feel about evil puppets? If either of those items tickles your fancy, tune in.

Each episode opens with paranormal investigator Bagans telling viewers the story behind the object that will be featured, as well as filling us in on how exactly he came to be in possession of it. That’s where Eli Roth takes over. As a celebrated writer/director of horror films, he knows exactly how each tale should be told.

Bagans has thousands of cursed objects exhibited at his museum, which is a 14,000-square-foot building, so there are plenty of items to choose from when deciding which will be featured on the series.

The Haunted Museum
Zak Bagans – Courtesy discovery+ /

The Haunted Museum will premiere on Travel Channel on Thursday, October 26, 10:00 ET

The premiere episode, titled The Cursed Brothel Bed, takes us to the Bunny Ranch Brothel in Moundhouse, Nevada. Dennis Hof, the founder of the legal brothel is believed to have had a somewhat evil history, and the bed is the one he died on.

Here’s a guide to the remaining episodes in season two of The Haunted Museum:

November 2: The Devil’s Cauldron – Jessie is a nurse who ends up with a cauldron that was once used by the infamous Ed Gein. Soon after, she begins to suffer horrifying visions and see evil beings.

November 9: Satanic Six String – When a teenager plays an old guitar found in a farmhouse, he begins to see a long-dead serial killer.

November 16: The Evil Puppet Twins – When Arthur’s grandfather passes away, the teen discovers two creepy puppets in the attic. Soon they start to haunt the house.

November 30: The Stone Face – A man working for a wealthy art collector comes across a stone carving that possesses evil powers.

The Haunted Museum
Eli Roth – Courtesy discovery+ /

December 7: Halloween Ritual Coffin – When a teen steals what he thinks is a decorative coffin on Halloween night, he finds out that not only is it genuine, it’s also cursed.

December 14: The Witch’s Head – William collects antique oddities, and is at first excited to find a mummified head to add to his collection. But when William slips into coma-like state, his family discovers the object is cursed.

December 21: The Secret Society Skeleton – Georgia finds a 16mm movie buried in the back yard of her new home, a gothic-style mansion. What she sees on the film shocks and terrifies her.

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