Arrow in November: Dancing, monks, and Coffin Joe

Arrow November - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow November - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow can finally put Halloween and October in the rearview, and as we bid adieu to the spooky season, we turn our attention to the falling of crunchy leaves as the winter creeps upon us. As the temperatures plummet and the daylight grows scare, Arrow has you covered with plenty of great watches to curl up under a blanket and hibernate with.

Arrow November – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Kickin’ us off on November 3rd, we go back to our good friend Sammo Hung. Arrow has highlighted many of his projects over the course of the years and this is no different. The Iron-Fisted Monk stars Hung as a simple quiet man who witnesses the brutal murder of his uncle at the hands of the Manchu Bannermen. When the opportunity arises for him to go to the Shaolin Temple and learn martial arts with the monks, he capitalizes and returns to his town to defeat the Manchu. This film is notorious for its Category lll (NC-17 equivalent) rating in Hong Kong and is an absolute jam-packed slugfest that you do not want to miss.

Moving onto November 10th, Arrow brings us yet another duo of Paul Joyce documentaries. Every month these allow viewers to explore the historical significance behind the art they consume. This month we focus on David Hockney, famous painter and photographer in Hockney on Photography and Other Matters. We also get the chance to explore the voice behind Hairspray, Female Trouble and Serial Mom with his other documentary Growing Up with John Waters.

On November 17th, Arrow takes us deep into Lonanorama: The Brian Lonano Collection.  Showcasing a collection of some of his weirdest and whackiest short films such as The Devil’s Asshole and Turning Tricks into Treats, this collection also will be the streaming debut of his newest and awaited title, Content: The Lo-Fi Man, which he worked on with Blake Myers. Arrow might even throw some exclusive extras in the mix too, so make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

As always, Arrow also has a wide array of seasons dropping this month. Starting on the 6th, we are greeted by Andy Nyman Presents. The director and magician selects some of his very own artistic inspirations and lets us know, “Dear ARROW viewer. I’m delighted to share my choices with you. As I look again at my list I realize there is a common thread, they all illicit a gut reaction from me. For the most part it’s shock and astonishment, with the occasional nightmare – but in two cases unstoppable tears – I’ll let you work out which those movies are. You’re in for a treat.” On the 10th, its time to lace up those dancing shoes and hit the floor with Dance With Death. This season includes all the best jivin’ flicks that’ll truly get the dance floor evacuated when someone dies. With titles such as Enter the Void and Showgirls, Arrow is sure to keep your feet tappin’.

Arrow November – Courtesy Arrow Video /

On November 20th, we are treated to Steven Kostanski Selects. The man behind Psycho Goreman and The Void is taking us on a personal journey through his wild mind and says, “Choosing my favorites from Arrow’s weird catalogue of movies is a welcome nostalgia flashback to my video store days when I’d shove all sorts of sci-fi and horror nonsense into customers’ faces. After reviewing my list, it’s clear that my tastes have not changed in 15 years: I’m forcing Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 on people just as passionately as I was back then, and in these tumultuous times that gives me a certain level of comfort. Enjoy!” Arrow finishes the month on November 24th with a huge finish. Cultural icon and the ringmaster of carnival horror himself is being featured as well as his many masterful projects over the years with Inside the Mind of Coffin Joe: Part One. You don’t want to miss the chance to catch some of his many great movies that span 40 years such as I’ll Take Your Soul and The End of Man.

All in all, Arrow gives another chance to catch perfectly curated and handpicked collections from some of the brightest minds in the industry. As per usual, there is no better place to be this month than Arrow. Subscriptions are available for $6.99 monthly or $69.99 yearly. New subscribers can start a 30-day free trial.

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