Hulu introduces true crime docu-series coming up this winter

Hulu - Wild Crime: Blood Mountain - Courtesy ABC News Studios
Hulu - Wild Crime: Blood Mountain - Courtesy ABC News Studios /

Hulu has released their winter roster, and included are four true crime docu-series that look to be pretty interesting. All of these series will be released in their entireties, meaning you can binge each of them without having to wait for new episodes to release.

Let’s take a look at these upcoming true crime series on Hulu:

Wild Crime: Blood Mountain – Season three of Wild Crime released on November 30. During this four episode season, we will learn about the disappearance of a hiker in Georgia. Meredith Emerson was not a novice hiker; she was very experienced when she hiked Blood Mountain with her dog Emma in January of 2008. When Meredith didn’t return home as expected, a search-and-rescue was mounted. A few days later, her dog was found 60 miles away in Cumming, Georgia. Wild Crime digs into the investigation to find out what happened to Meredith. Was she lost, or had something bad happened to her?

Daughters of the Cult – In this five-episode series, which debuts in January, 2024, ABC News Studios and Hulu take us on a deep dive into the Ervil LeBaron Cult. LeBaron headed up a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group, and married at least 13 women, some of them underage. He ordered his followers to commit many murders for him, including that of his own brother Joel. Known as “the Mormon Manson”, LeBaron exerted brutal control over his followers. Daughters of the Cult interviews survivors, law enforcement and relatives to give us the full story.

Hulu - Wild Crime: Blood Mountain
Hulu – Wild Crime: Blood Mountain – Courtesy ABC News Studios /

Death in the Dorms – In the second season of Death in the Dorms (which begins streaming in February), the series takes a look at college crimes at six different campuses. Last season, we explored crimes at campuses such as UCLA, University of Florida and South Carolina University, it remains to be seen which colleges will be featured this season. Death in the Dorms consists of six episodes.

Me Hereafter – A new 4-episode true crime series premiering in February, Me Hereafter gives viewers never seen investigative footage, interviews with friends and families of the featured victims and reenactments. Told in the voices of murder victims, the series is referred to as “genre-bending.” According to the Hulu press release:

"“…each of the four episodes is a tick-tock investigation filled with clues, alibis, motives and misdirects that keep viewers guessing.”"

True crime followers, keep your eyes open for these docuseries coming up on Hulu this winter!

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