5 horror movies and shows to watch this Memorial Day weekend

Looking for something scary to watch this Memorial Day weekend? Here are some of our recommendations!
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max, episode 3
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max, episode 3 /

Most of us in the United States have a three-day weekend stretching before us with Memorial Day just a few days away, and that means ample time to relax and watching something enjoyable on television.

Horror fans have plenty of options available to them at home, from recent VOD releases like Arcadian, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, and Abigail, to compelling television series like Evil. Here are a few of our recommendations to check out this Memorial Day weekend.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School

What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than with a show that's all about a horror-filled slasher summer? The second season of the horror-themed Pretty Little Liars spinoff series is well underway, with the fourth episode releasing this week on Thursday.

This means you can now watch half of the season. It wouldn't take long to watch all four episodes of season 2 currently available, and then you'll be caught up for the rest! Watch as the main girls are antagonized by a terrifying villain in Bloody Rose Waters.

Jacob's Ladder (1990)

If you're looking for military-themed horror in honor of the holiday, then look no further than this disturbing 1990 classic from director Adrian Lyne starring Tim Robbins as a struggling Vietnam War vet. Upon returning home, Jacob Singer (Robbins) is plagued by horrifying hallucinations and flashbacks. He struggles to maintain his sanity as he begins rapidly falling apart.

Jacob's Ladder is currently streaming on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.


Another excellent horror television show returned this week as Evil's fourth and final season kicked off on Paramount+ on Thursday, May 23. If you're a fan of the series, then one episode might not tide you over, but a three-day weekend is a great opportunity to dive into the show from the beginning, either as part of a rewatch or for a first-timer!

Created by Robert and Michelle King (The Good Fight), Evil follows a trio consisting of a priest-in-training, a skeptical psychologist, and a contractor who work together to investigate the Catholic church's backlog of unexplained mysteries.

Overlord (2018)

Set on the eve of D-Day, Overlord is a military horror movie that provides an alternate history to one of the most notable events of WWII. A group of paratroopers arrive in a Nazi-occupied village intent on destroying a radio transmitter housed inside a fortified search, only to stumble upon a disturbing experiment gone wrong that forces them to fight for their lives to escape.

Overlord isn't streaming right now, but it is available to rent from most digital retailers (Amazon, Apple, etc.) for less than $5.

Friday the 13th franchise

With Friday the 13th making headlines lately due to the Jason Universe and the news that we likely won't be getting a new movie for at least a few more years, now seems like an ideal time to revisit Camp Crystal Lake and see why Jason Voorhees has terrified the masses for decades.

All of the Friday the 13th films are currently available to stream on Max. With the hot summer months coming soon on the heels of Memorial Day weekend, this weekend is an opportune time to binge-watch the film series.

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