Arrow in February: War and the death of romance

Arrow February - Courtesy Arrow Video
Arrow February - Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow is back again in the month of love, taking viewers all across the spectrum of cinematic delights.
We run the gamut from war to romance and take a pit stop again with our old friend Coffin Joe.
There is plenty to fall head over heels over this month so lean back and let love's Arrow strike you.

Arrow has a month filled with heart-pounding seasons, starting on February 2nd with Sharp Shorts. These bite-size features will leave you with all of the shock and dread but only a tiny portion of the time commitment. Some of these chosen films have gone on to be feature-length or even win awards, but for the purpose of this season, we are keeping them minute and mighty. Featuring titles such as Itch and The Wyrm of Bwlch Pen Barras, you should have plenty of time to catch every one of these tiny terrors.

On February 6th, we turn our attention to renowned director, producer and award-winning Arrow writer of The Stylist Jill Gevargizian for Jill Gevargizian Selects Vol. ll. The Black Mold producer and Ghost Game director is sitting down to handpick a few of her personal favorites to share with subscribers and with titles such as One Missed Call, The Leech and Crimes of Passion, you definitely want to listen to what this cinema aficionado has to say. Moving right along to February 9th, Arrow is dazzling us with the Radiance Collection. This is a special one as Radiance films are carefully curated from a variety of different genres and modes of filmmaking. Each release is handled with extra care and created from the best available materials. You truly never know what you might get here, with genres ranging from mob films to French serial killers and titles including How to Kill a Judge and Red Sun. This is yet another can't miss series.

Arrow February - Courtesy Arrow Video /

It just wouldn't be right to celebrate the special holiday of the month without some romantic offerings. Of course, Arrow is hooking us up with a twisted version of love when they roll out Romance is Dead, a series featuring all of the horrible parts of love including witchcraft, murder, madness and even a gorilla. Who said love was easy? You'll have heart eyes for titles like Melo and Tokyo Fist as you eat your box of chocolates this month. Then, Arrow brings some levity when it comes back to some good cinematic education with the series Filmmakers of Filmmaking. This series features invaluable content from interviews with some of the most intelligent and recognized filmmakers across the world, discussing the industry and their craft. With interviews from George Romero and Mike Hodges, this is every aspiring filmmakers dream.

Then, we end up back in the coffin. Arrow didn't forget about their good friend Coffin Joe and they've come back with a Part 2 following up the delightful first part last month. We are Back Inside the Mind of coffin Joe: Part Two and th lord of carnical horror is back to present more outrageous movies he starred in from 1964-2006. A love letter to one of the most iconic horror legends, who worked through military censorship and religious pressure, this series features great films such as Embodiment of Evil and Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind and you don't want to be left in the grave when it rolls out on February 19th. Also on the 19th, we get treated to a hand-picked selection of some of renowned Brazilian illustrator Billy Butchers' favorite works in Butcher Billy Selects. He has picked through Arrow's selection and came up with favorites such as Hellraiser and Deep Red and plenty more.

Finally, Arrow closes out the month with the bloodiest and most horrifying of battles. It's time to strap up and march out when we focus on This Means War. This series focuses on some of the most harrowing and battle-hungry scenes across a bevy of different films. The only thing they have in common is blood-soaked war. With great selections such as JSA, Warning From Space and The Annihilators, this will leave you thirsting for battle by the end.

Arrow February graphic
Arrow February - Courtesy Arrow Video /

All in all, its another great month to jump in and fall in love with everything Arrow can offer. The whole year lies ahead and there will be plenty more heart-pounding series and spectacles. Arrow offers a 30 day free trial before paying a 4.99 monthly price for all of this quality content!

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