Bad Robot thriller Flowervale Street stars Anne Hathaway & Ewan McGregor

It Follows director David Robert Mitchell's new film from Bad Robot with Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor dubbed Flowervale Street
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The latest Bad Robot mystery movie now has a title. It's called Flowervale Street...not that that gives us much to go on.

Here's what we do know. The film comes from noted horror director David Robert Mitchell whose other two genre features, It Follows and Under The Silver Lake, drew critical acclaim. This new project has attracted some A-level talent including Anne Hathaway and Ewan McGregor as well as Christian Convery, Maisy Stella, P.J. Byrne and Jordan Alexa Davis.

Hathaway and McGregor have dabbled in horror including appearances in The Witches and Doctor Sleep respectively. Convery starred in Sweet Tooth as well as Cocaine Bear and this year's Mom, while Stella is in My Old Ass. Byrne has had a recurring part on The Boys and its spinoff Gen V and Davis might be more well known for voicing the character Poppy on the Disney cartoon Vampirina, at least for now.

Ewan McGregor
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Word of the film had been out in the world, but it only recently received a name and a May 16, 2025 release date. Those might not seem like the most intriguing details, but with Bad Robot's involvement, three's already plenty of speculation that this might be something else. The company famously played a number of games before releasing Cloverfield in 2008. In fact, that film is named after a highway exit that producer J.J. Abrams took to get to his offices. Could that street be related to this one?

It's possible. There have been a pair of follow-ups to the found footage monster movie. 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Cloverfield Paradox both tell very different kinds of stories, but are set in the same universe and include shared characters and family names. Could Flowervale Street be another attempt to explore that world? Possibly, but we'll have to wait and see!

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