Brandy goes toe-to-toe with an evil mother-in-law in the official trailer for The Front Room

The Official Launch - Stella Rosa Premium Imported Brandy
The Official Launch - Stella Rosa Premium Imported Brandy / Randall Michelson/GettyImages

A24 has done it again! The gripping official trailer for The Front Room starring Brandy Norwood has finally dropped, and after watching all 2 minutes and 27 seconds of it, we're more than ready to see this movie in theaters this September.

A24 is known for making and/or distributing some of the best horror movies, so we are in no way surprised that The Front Room looks promising. Grammy Award-winning musician Brandy makes her return to the horror world with this film after previously starring in the campy classic I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. She was a final girl in that movie, so let's hope that she makes it out alive in this one.

The Front Room is an upcoming psychological horror film coming from creative brother duo Max and Sam Eggers. They wrote and directed the movie together, which is based on Susan Hill’s 2016 short story of the same name. It centers around a newly pregnant woman named Belinda who, after letting her ailing estranged mother-in-law move into her and her husband's home, discovers that the woman is deranged and out to get her and her new bundle of joy.

See Brandy face off against a wicked mother-in-law in the trailer below!

Brandy stars as Belinda in the horror flick. After Belinda's husband's father passes away, she is forced to take in his estranged stepmother after they find out that it was a request written in the will. But it doesn't take long for Belinda to realize that something is seriously wrong with the woman. She's disrespectful, racist, and she claims to be possessed by the Holy Spirit. As strange occurrences start happening around their home, Belinda comes to a realization that her mother-in-law is trying to replace her, and she soon finds herself going toe-to-toe with her.

British–American actress and theatre director Kathryn Hunter portrays the role of the evil mother-in-law, while Andrew Burnap stars as Belinda's husband. Neal Huff also joins them in the cast in an undisclosed role.

Based on the trailer, we can already tell that viewers will be on the edge of their seats throughout the entire movie. So, mark your calendar and clear your schedule because The Front Room is headed to theaters on Sept. 6, 2024!

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