Cuckoo starring Hunter Schafer set for an August 2024 release in theaters

Cuckoo - Courtesy Overlook Film Fest
Cuckoo - Courtesy Overlook Film Fest /

Get ready to see Euphoria's Hunter Schafer play a much different role than what she plays in the HBO teen series in the upcoming horror flick Cuckoo. Yes, she's playing a teenager again, but her character has much bigger struggles in the horror movie than school and typical teen problems. We'll see her character having to fight for her life as strange occurrences take place in the seemingly idyllic vacation paradise that she's forced to stay at.

When is Cuckoo coming to theaters?

Cuckoo had its world premiere at the 74th Berlin International Film Festival back in February 2024, but only festivalgoers got the chance to see it. Now, the film finally has a theatrical release date, and it's not that far off. Mark your calendar and clear your schedule because Cuckoo is set to be released in theaters on Friday, Aug. 9, 2024. As of May 2024, tickets can't be purchased to see the movie just yet. However, they should be available as we get closer to the film's release.

A streaming and digital release is also expected at a later date, but not confirmed. If it does eventually come to streaming, it'll most likely be on the Hulu streaming platform since that's where Neon movies typically stream after their theatrical releases. If you didn't know, Cuckoo is being distributed by Neon, making it a Neon film. The reason why the movie would be coming to Hulu is because Neon and Hulu have a multi-year output licensing agreement where all Neon movies come to the streaming service after their theatrical runs. When it comes to a digital release, Cuckoo is expected to be available to rent or purchase digitally sometime after the movie's theatrical release as well.

There's another horror flick hitting theaters on Aug. 9, and it's M. Night Shyamalan's Trap. Why not make it a fun day at the theater and see both movies back-to-back? That's most likely what we're going to do!

Cuckoo is being described as a horror thriller. It was written and directed by Tilman Singer, who is best known for writing and directing the German supernatural horror film Luz. In August 2021, it was reported that Singer would be writing and helming a new horror feature for Neon called Cuckoo. At the time, it was also revealed that Schafer, John Malkovich, Gemma Chan, Sofia Boutella, Jan Bluthardt, Zita Hanrot, and Proschat Madani had joined the cast. While some actors stayed, others ended up dropping out.

The final cast turned out to be Schafer (Gretchen), Bluthardt (Henry), Madani (Dr. Bonomo), Dan Stevens (Mr. König), Jessica Henwick (Beth), Marton Csokas (Luis), Greta Fernández (Trixie), Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey (Ed), Konrad Singer (Erik), and Kalin Morrow (The Hooded Woman).

Here's the movie's synopsis via the Neon official website:

"Reluctantly, 17-year-old Gretchen leaves her American home to live with her father, who has just moved into a resort in the German Alps with his new family. Arriving at their future residence, they are greeted by Mr. König, her father's boss, who takes an inexplicable interest in Gretchen's mute half-sister Alma. Something doesn't seem right in this tranquil vacation paradise. Gretchen is plagued by strange noises and bloody visions until she discovers a shocking secret that also concerns her own family."

We can't wait to see Cuckoo in theaters! Will you be watching the horror thriller as well?

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