Entitled criminals: SundanceTV presents true crime series Smugshot

Smugshot - Courtesy AMC Networks
Smugshot - Courtesy AMC Networks /

SundanceTV has mounted another series for their True Crime Story franchise. The new series is called True Crime Story: Smugshot, and it consists of six episodes.

Smugshot is a docuseries that features exceptionally entitled people who have indulged in criminal acts, some of them silly and petty, and others extremely serious. In each case, the perpetrators seem to feel as if they should not be made to pay for their crimes.

The first episode debuts on SundanceTV,  AMC+ and Sundance Now on Thursday, March 14, 10:00 p.m. ET, with new episodes premiering each week on Thursdays. The two-part season finale will air in two parts, ending on Thursday, April 11. All episodes will also stream on Sundance Now and AMC+.

Here are the true crime stories that will be featured on Smugshot:

Smugshot _ Season 1, Key Art - Image Courtesy of Sundance TV
Smugshot _ Season 1, Key Art - Image Courtesy of Sundance TV /

March 14:

Revenge of the PTA Mom – Kent Easter was a successful attorney, and his wife Jill had been an attorney before quitting work to be a stay at home mom. Kelli Peters worked at their six-year-old son’s school, where she was the volunteer director of the after-school program. One afternoon, Jill picked her son up at school and discovered that he had accidentally been left outside for a few minutes, and she more or less went off the deep end. She mounted a campaign against Kelli, trying to get her fired. When that didn’t work, she went to more serious extremes.

March 21:

A Special Investigation – “One woman’s prestigious pedigree and dedication to social justice almost garner her a top-ranking political appointment, until her actions reveal a corruption scandal that goes deeper than you’d ever expect.”

March 28:

Fishing for the Truth – Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky were determined to win the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tournament in 2022. During the tournament, competitors try to catch five walleye that weigh more than the other teams, and Runyan and Cominsky seemed like they had it in the bag. However, a check of their fish made it very evident that they had cheated, causing a national scandal.

April 4:

AffluenzaEthan Couch seemed to have it all, growing up with wealthy parents and able to do pretty much as he pleased. When he was 16, he killed four people as a result of driving under the influence, and was sentenced to ten years of probation. Yes, you read that right. His attorneys argued that it wasn’t his fault, he suffered from “affluenza” since he had never been given boundaries by his parents. After violating that probation, he took off for Mexico, and it didn’t end there.

 April 11:

Dickweed (Part one) – “ Two people got kidnapped. One man lost his d**k. No-one got any money. The twisted tale of an Orange County crime that set off an international manhunt and a Houdini-style jailbreak. And one detective will stop at nothing to get justice.”

Dickweed (Part two) – Part two airs immediately after part one of the season finale, starting at 11:00 pm.