Ghost Adventures will be back on Discovery and Max for an all-new season of paranormal investigations

Ghost Adventures - Courtesy Discovery
Ghost Adventures - Courtesy Discovery /

Discovery has announced an all-new season of Ghost Adventures, which will begin in May.

Ghost Adventures began as an independent documentary film on SciFi Channel in 2007. In it, the team was recorded while investigating multiple locations in and around Virginia City, Nevada, such as the Goldfield Hotel.

In 2008, Travel Channel premiered the series, and there it remained until it moved to Discovery+ in 2021. Much like Ghost Hunters, which began in 2004, the Ghost Adventures team investigate areas said to be haunted, using electronic equipment to capture audio, video and even temperature changes.

While at the locations, they interview eyewitnesses, property owners and historians to gather as much information as possible before locking themselves down overnight for investigations.  What makes their approach a little different is that Zak in particular often taunts and challenges the entities they encounter.

The Ghost Adventures team consists of Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley.

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans /

The new season will begin with a two-hour premiere episode Wednesday, May 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel, and will also be available to stream on Max.

Discovery promises the season will document “some of the team’s most haunting encounters yet, including sinister Skinwalkers and an unprecedented first-ever investigation of the iconic Los Angeles Hospital.”

The two-hour season premiere, Skinwalker Invasion, sees Bagans and his team arriving in Torrey, Utah to dig into reports of encounters with Skinwalkers (shape-shifters). With the guidance of Native Americans, they investigate the sightings in an effort to figure out if the Skinwalkers have been summoned, or if they are there in retaliation for misuse of indiginous artifacts.

Bagans says the new season starts “with one of the most surreal investigations we’ve ever done.” He claims that an intense energy surrounds the area, and there was much paranormal activity “of both the human and non-human kind.”

Later episodes will see the Ghost Adventures team investigating a hotel in Arizona, Los Angeles Hospital and an Old West town said to be under a curse.

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