Heretic trailer teases Hugh Grant as a twisted villain with evil plans for two missionaries

Heretic | Official Trailer HD | A24
Heretic | Official Trailer HD | A24 / A24

A24 has released the first official trailer for the upcoming religious horror movie Heretic, starring Hugh Grant, Sophie Thatcher (Yellowjackets), and Chloe East (The Fabelmans). Directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, Heretic is expected to be released sometime this fall.

We previously reported that Heretic would be released in theaters on November 15, per Deadline, but A24 neglected to put a release date on the new poster or trailer, suggesting that date might be changing.

Previously, A24 shared the poster for Heretic showing a blueberry candle burning ominously against a dark backdrop. The tagline says, "Question everything." Fitting, since the movie seems to be about questioning faith and deceit.

The trailer starts with Sisters Paxton (Easton) and Barnes (Thatcher) knocking on Mr. Reed's (Grant) door to discuss their faith and attempt to convert him to their religion. Because of their background, they can't enter Mr. Reed's home without a woman present, but he assures them his wife is home, and offers them blueberry pie as part of his supposed heartwarming hospitality.

The girls soon realize something is amiss when Mr. Reed goes to the kitchen to check the pie. Sister Barnes notices he's burning a candle in the scent of "blueberry pie," implying there isn't an actual pie and Mr. Reed has ulterior motives. By the time the girls make this connection, it's too late. They're locked in the house.

From there, the trailer descends into increasingly disturbing territory as we see Mr. Reed tell Sister Barnes and Sister Paxton that they'll have to participate in his experiments, including choosing one of two doors, one that reads "belief" and the other, "disbelief."

Other ominous quotes include Mr. Reed saying, "It may make you want to die," and "You will witness a miracle." The girls theorize that he's studying them somehow and the camera shows him messing with a model of a house. Further reveals of his home indicate the entire place is decked out with strange traps and a maze-like structure. In short, these two missionaries are in way over their heads.

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