Horror movies that are new, leaving, and still streaming (for free!) on Plex this month

A campy Sam Raimi classic lands on the service this month.
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Deciding what to watch is often a conundrum that results in choice paralysis, which is why we've made a helpful list of horror movies to keep you entertained this June!

All of the movies featured in this article are available to watch for free (with ads) on Plex, a massive independent AVOD platform featuring more than 50,000 free on-demand movies and TV shows. In June, the service added two new horror movies, Drag Me to Hell and Lizzie, along with maintaining a great collection that includes classics such as John Carpenter's Halloween and Tobe Hooper's Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Drag Me to Hell (2009)

This hilarious and campy horror comedy from Evil Dead mastermind Sam Raimi is a must-watch for any horror fan. Alison Lohman stars as a bank teller in Los Angeles whose life is completely turned upside down when she turns down a loan request from a crone.

In retaliation, the wicked woman casts a curse on Christine, threatening her with eternal damnation. Christine goes to extremes in trying to break the curse before she's doomed for eternity. Justin Long also stars.

Watch Drag Me to Hell on Plex

Lizzie (2018)

Inspired by the true story of Lizzie Borden, Lizzie stars Chloë Sevigny in the title role. A twisted queer horror story, Lizzie is about the developing relationship between Lizzie and her Irish maid Bridget (Kristen Stewart). But as her bond with Bridget strengthens, Lizzie's relationship with her parents devolves into shocking violence.

Watch Lizzie on Plex

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

I never miss a chance to encourage people to watch Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic, and the fact that it is streaming for free is just icing on the cake! If you've somehow never gotten around to watching this movie, now is the time. See how Leatherface's story begins in this horrifying film about a group of five friends who stumble upon a house of horrors in rural Texas.

Watch The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Plex

In addition to the movies listed above, Plex has many other popular horror movies still streaming on the app, such as the following:

Leaving soon: Besides the new and still-streaming content, a couple of movies will be leaving Plex this month, so make sure to watch these quick before they're gone!

  • Shutter - American remake of the 2004 Thai film of the same name, starring Joshua Jackson
  • Woodshock - Kirsten Dunst leads this trippy psychological thriller from A24

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