How scary is the new horror movie Tarot?

Here's what you need to know about the gore and jump scares in the new horror film Tarot.
Harriet Slater as Haley in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula
Harriet Slater as Haley in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula /

Tarot is a great starter horror film for teenagers looking to get their feet wet in the genre. The Sony movie, released on May 3, is now in theaters. It follows a group of friends terrorized by tarot card monsters after one of them performs an astrological reading for each.

It's worth noting that Tarot received a PG-13 rating specifically for horror violence, terror, bloody images, some strong language, and drug content.

Does Tarot have a lot of jump scares? And exactly how gory is it?

Yes, the film does tend toward a slight overreliance on jump scares, I think I counted about 15 throughout the movie. Veteran horror fans likely won't be phased by them since you can see them coming from a mile away, but anyone sensitive to jump scares should be aware they happen frequently.

In terms of gore, this is a PG-13 movie so while many characters suffer gruesome deaths, the bloodiest stuff happens off-screen and is more or less implied. The actual visible bloodshed is kept to a minimum, predominantly with some disparate blood splatters. But you're not going to see the inside of someone's smashed head or anything like that.

Some spoilers ahead for the various deaths:

  • Character crushed to death by a ladder
  • Another character is hanged by a monster
  • Another is terrorized by a creepy jester/clown and stalked into an elevator
  • The tarot card monsters are definitely creepy, there are eight different ones throughout the movie
  • A woman is stabbed through with six swords, you see her body with the swords sticking out
  • One character is trapped in a box and sawed in half (you really don't see anything gory though it's still disturbing)
  • Character killed on impact by a train
  • A flashback shows a woman slitting her throat in silhouette (you see it in shadow)
  • General creepy ambiance and darkness with lots of references to the occult
  • A devil-like creature tries dragging one character into Hell
Humberly González as Madeline in Screen Gems TAROT /

Is there any nudity or sexual content? What about drugs, alcohol, and strong language?

No, there isn't anything of a sexual nature in the film. There are characters who are romantically involved but you don't even see anyone full-on kissing or anything.

One character vapes and the friends are shown drinking beer at the start of the movie while hanging out around a bonfire. They are all college age, so no underage drinking here. As for language, it's very tame, not even the signature one-limit f-bomb in a PG-13 film.

Tarot is now playing in theaters nationwide and will eventually be available to watch on Netflix.

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