Hulu presents Daughters of the Cult docuseries starting this month

Daughters of the Cult - Courtesy Hulu
Daughters of the Cult - Courtesy Hulu /

Hulu will be presenting a new five-episode docuseries this month that looks into the history and aftermath of the Ervil LeBaron cult.

Daughters of the Cult begins streaming on Hulu Thursday, January 4, and what a story it tells! The LeBaron family moved to Mexico in 1924 so Alma Dayer LeBaron, Sr. could continue to practice polygamy after the LDS Church turned its back on the practice. LeBaron, along with his eight children and two wives started up the Colonia LeBaron farm.

When he died in 1951, his older son Joel took over as leader of the community that had been formed, with Ervil being placed as second in command. The brothers split twenty-three years later, and Ervil started up his own church in San Diego. He then had Joel murdered, and spent the next ten years trying to have their youngest brother Verlan killed as well.

Hulu Daughters of the Cult
Hulu - Daughters of the Cult - Courtesy ABC News Studios /

Ervil then struck up a turf war with other leaders of polygamous groups, and even had one of his wives assassinate the leader of the Apostolic United Brethren. The wife, Rena, later wrote a memoir in which she described LeBaron and his group of followers as using mind control.

It seems Ervil had a penchant for getting others to do his dirty work, and several other followers and wives were used to kill people as well. This is what earned Ervil his nickname as “The Mormon Manson.”

The story of Ervil LeBaron has plenty more twists and turns along the way, and Daughters of the Cult includes interviews with law enforcement, survivors and relatives of the cult members.

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