Kyra Sedgwick says she and husband Kevin Bacon are planning a horror movie with daughter Sosie Bacon

The Closer veteran wants to co-direct a movie with her husband and have their daughter Sosie Bacon star.
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It's a family affair for Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, and their daughter Sosie Bacon. While chatting with Variety for a new profile piece, Sedgwick revealed that she and her husband plan to make, and star, in a horror movie together alongside their daughter, who is best known for her exemplary performance in Parker Finn's 2022 horror film Smile.

The Emmy-winning actress fans know from shows and movies like The Closer and Phenomenon says she and Bacon want to co-direct a horror film together, but apparently, it's harder to get approved for a dual-directing credit from the Director's Guild of America than one might think, even for a couple with as much star power as these two.

She doesn't seem too worried about it, clarifying that they will figure it out when the time comes, though also admitting that she's strategic and wonders "if more people will see this if it's a Kevin Baocn film than a Kyra Sedgwick film?"

Unfortunately for those of us who are very intrigued by the prospect of a Bacon-Sedgwick horror movie, no further details are given in the article beyond Sedgwick noting her daughter will be involved. She also shares her thoughts about Sosie becoming an actress, stating that she believes Sosie is the "best actor in the family."

It's not just Sosie who clearly has a love for the horror genre (besides Smile, she also recurred on the MTV series Scream). Bacon has also starred in his fair share of iconic genre films like the original Friday the 13th, Tremors, and more recent fare like the Peacock Original They/Them. He'll next star alongside Mia Goth in Ti West's MaXXXine, hitting theaters this July.

Sedgwick hasn't dabbled in horror as much as her husband, but she did star in the 2012 film The Possession alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Lately, she's pivoted toward directing, gushing about how much she enjoys it in her Variety piece.

I hope this proposed collaboration happens. I'd love to see what this family cooks up and learn more about their genre inspirations.

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