Nicolas Cage film Arcadian is now in theaters - here are the details and the trailer

ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films
ARCADIAN - Still 12 - Courtesy RLJE Films /

Nicolas Cage will be seen on the big screen again this week when his newest film Arcadian opens in theaters on April 12. Arcadian debuted at SXSW last month, to mostly positive reviews.

Like him or not, Nic Cage always puts in an intense, entertaining performance, and judging by the trailer (which you can see below), he seems to be taking his sometimes crazed intensity down a few notches. Instead, his focus appears to be on enacting a protective and concerned father.

Cage seems to lean into horror/thriller/action films, and Arcadian fits right into his favored genre. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Arcadian is the story of Paul (Cage) and his two sons, doing their best to survive while holed up in a farmhouse.

During the day, things are ok, but at night, the small family must board up their windows and doors and wait for the sun to rise. It seems that night time belongs to terrifying bug-like creatures who have managed to kill off a large portion of the human population.

Paul is determined that he and his sons will not be among the dead, and does everything he can to protect himself and his sons. One day, younger son Thomas takes off to visit his girlfriend Charlotte, and doesn’t return before sundown. Paul, of course takes off to find him, and the family must now fight to survive.

ARCADIAN - Courtesy RLJE Films /

In addition to Nicolas Cage, Arcadian stars Maxwell Jenkins (Lost in Space) as Thomas, Jaden Martell (IT) as older son Joseph and Sadie Soverall (Saltburn) as Charlotte. It was directed by Benjamin Brewer (The Trust) and written by Mike Nilon (Braven), who also produced Willy’s Wonderland.

Nic Cage has worked with both the writer and the director on past projects, appearing in The Trust and Willy’s Wonderland.

Arcadian is expected to make its streaming debut later this year on AMC+ and Shudder.

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