Orphan Black: Echoes episode 1 recap: Lucy struggles to remember her past while on the run

Krysten Ritter as Lucy  - Orphan Black: Echoes _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC
Krysten Ritter as Lucy  - Orphan Black: Echoes _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC /

Today is the day! The first episode of Orphan Black: Echoes has finally aired on AMC and BBC America and is now streaming on AMC+. Based on the original series Orphan Black, this new sci-fi thriller takes place in 2052 and centers around a young woman named Lucy, who has no memory of her past and is trying to uncover the truth behind her identity. Meanwhile, scientist Kira Manning and her wife work together to try to help Lucy.

Need an explainer of what all happened in the pilot? No worries! Below, we recapped the entire first episode.

Spoilers ahead from Orphan Black: Echoes episode 1!

The first episode opens with a young woman waking up on a couch in a room to find an older woman sitting in a chair watching her. The older woman appears to be a doctor. The doctor begins asking the younger woman questions about who she is, what year it is, what her name is, etc, but the younger woman isn't able to answer her questions. The young woman looks at her fingers and notices a pink chalk-like substance under them. The doctor hands her a picture of a baby asking her if she knows who the baby is, but once again, the young woman is unable to give her answer.

The doctor then explains to the young woman that she underwent a procedure and that it may take some time for her long-term memory to come back. The young woman starts freaking out and throwing things around the room, prompting a nurse to come into the room to sedate her.

It's unclear how much time passes, but the young woman eventually wakes up on the same couch. She finds a way to escape the room, and walks out to find that she wasn't actually in a real room. She was in a made-up wooden room that's in a warehouse. As she looks around the warehouse, she notices another wooden room and slowly walks over to it. But she's forced to pick up her pace when suddenly a group of nurses run into the wooden room she just came out of.

She walks into the wooden room, closes the door, and looks around to find maps of the human body and fake body parts on the walls. It appears she's in some sort of lab. As she ventures further into the room, she sees a huge incubator-like machine with pink goo inside. She finds a way to open the machine and stick her hand in the pink goo, but something rises to the surface when she does so. It appears to be a mold of a person's body.

The doctor from earlier walks into the room and explains everything that's going on to the young woman. She tells the young woman that she was created/printed from a high-resolution scan using a very complex process. The doctor explains that it's a new technology called the four-dimensional printing of human tissue. The young woman freaks out again and runs through another door in the room. She keeps running until she makes it outside and sees the backdrop of the city. Then, we cut to the opening sequence.

When the opening ends, a title card appears on the screen, letting viewers know that two years have passed, making it 2052. The young woman seems to be in much better spirits, singing while driving in her truck in the countryside. She pulls up to a trailer and gets out of her truck to enter it. After drinking a glass of water, she takes out several bills (money) and places them in a jar in a hiding place. Inside the hiding place is more jars filled with money and a gun. As she places the jar back into the hiding place, she accidentally cuts her finger, and blood spurts out. Then, she's suddenly pulled into what appears to be a past memory.

In the flashback, blood spills on the floor and a teen girl wielding a knife stands in the blood. The young woman is then pulled back into the present. A young girl walks into the trailer, and the young woman converses with her for a little while. In the conversation, the young woman discovers that the young girl had taken her journal. After reprimanding her, she decides to help the young girl build a fake rocket outside. A car pulls up to the trailer, and a man gets out of it. He watches the young woman and young girl from afar. The young girl eventually notices him and runs up to him. We find out that she is his daughter. We also find out the young woman's name. Her name is Lucy.

In this scene, it's revealed that the man is allowing Lucy to stay at his residence for a monthly fee. But in the next scene, we find out that their relationship is more than just landlord and tenant. They're in a secret relationship that they're hiding from the man's daughter. After sleeping together, Lucy and the man cuddle in bed. We find out that the man's name is Jack, he's a retired army medic, he and Lucy have been together for about a year, and that his daughter's name is Charlie. They talk about their relationship and finally coming clean to Charlie about it. Jack also tries to get Lucy to talk about her past, but she distracts him by kissing him. They end up falling asleep.

In the next scene, Lucy suddenly wakes up from her sleep after experiencing the same flashback from earlier. But this time, we can see the teen girl's face in the flashback, and her face looks identical to Lucy's. Lucy decides to head outside and make a campfire to clear her head. While sitting around the campfire, she goes through her journal, and we see a drawing of the tile floor and the knife from the flashback in it. Lucy continues the drawing.

Lucy goes to work the next morning, and is asked by one of her co-workers to help with his truck. But as Lucy works on the truck, she begins to imagine that there's pink goo on her fingers. The same pink goo from earlier in the episode. Lucy is then thrown back into a past memory that shows her rising from the pink goo and peeling it off her face. Back in the present, Lucy stares at her fingers unaware that a van is headed her way. The van hits her and she's sent to the hospital.

She wakes up in the hospital to find out from a doctor that tests were run on her, but everything is fine and her tests came back normal. She asks the doctor if there is a way that she can find out if she was ever pregnant, but just as the doctor begins to talk, Jack runs into the hospital room and takes her home.

Later, we see a scene of the doctor from earlier in the episode standing outside a building smoking a cigarette. She receives a phone call from a mysterious person informing her that they found Lucy. Then, in the next scene, we see a mysterious man walk into the hospital where Lucy was being treated to ask the staff where she is. Since the man lies and tells the staff that he is her brother, they give him her location.

Later that night as Lucy packs her things to move in with Jack, the mysterious man walks into her trailer and grabs her. As they tussle, the man shines a blue light on Lucy's arm and a code appears. They continue to scuffle but Lucy is able to get the upper hand and slow him down. She runs out of the trailer into the field and the man follows her. He eventually catches up to her and is about to shoot her when he's shot in the head by Charlie.

The next scene shows Lucy packing her bags and urging Jack and Charlie to do the same. But Jack refuses to go with her until she comes clean about what's going on. Lucy explains to Jack that before she met him, she lived a much different life with people like the mysterious man constantly coming after her. That's until she came to the countryside where she met Jack and Charlie. She thought she was safe, but those same people have found her. Then, she explains to Jack her plan which is to drop him and Charlie off with a friend in the city before leaving them to find out who's after her.

Jack is reluctant to leave Lucy behind at first, but he eventually understands that it's the right thing to do for him and his daughter. The next scene shows Lucy showing up at a building called the "Settlement House." She meets with a man named Craig whom she appears to know from her past. We find out that she met Craig when she first arrived in the city. She was doing drugs at the time, and he helped her get back on her feet. That's what the Settlement House is. A sober living community for people struggling with addiction.

Lucy explains to Craig that the people who were after her in the past have finally found her and that she must find them. Initially, Craig doesn't think it's a good idea, but Lucy's determination ultimately sways him. Lucy tells him she has a lead. She shows him the mysterious man's phone that she found in her trailer. She hopes that she can pull GPS data off of the SIM card to find out the man's previous whereabouts before he got to her. After hooking up the phone to Craig's computer, she finds a location and heads there.

Elsewhere, a man and a woman dressed in suits enter a building called the "Additive Foundation." They tell the security guard at the door that they're meeting with the director. The director turns out to be the doctor from earlier in the episode. She runs the Additive Foundation, which is a global health organization that 4-D prints replicas of vital organs for transplant. During the meeting, the man and woman tell the doctor about what happened with Lucy and the mysterious man at the trailer.

The man and woman thinks Lucy is dangerous while the doctor, who we find out created her, thinks Lucy was just scared. She explains to them that Lucy has no recollection of who she is. However, the man, whose name is revealed to be Tom, thinks that Lucy has an error and needs to be taken down. Since the doctor doesn't agree with his idea, she dismisses him and the woman.

Elsewhere, Lucy arrives at the building where the mysterious man had previously visited. While there, she bumps into a teenage girl. The same teen girl from her memories. She approaches the girl and then questions her about who she is. As the teen girl tries to get away from Lucy, her headphones drop on the floor. Lucy picks them up and notices that the girl was listening to the same song she was singing in her truck earlier in the episode. The girl reaches out for her headphones, but Lucy quickly grabs her arm. She looks down at the girl's arm and notices that she has the same mark on her arm.

The girl pulls her arm back and then quickly walks away. Lucy looks around and sees a woman watching her. She then looks in the direction that the teen girl went and chases after her. Lucy eventually catches up to the girl and holds her hostage, waiting for the woman to show up. The woman appears and is forced to throw down her gun by Lucy. Lucy asks the woman if the teen girl is the same as her, but the woman is unable to answer her question. Lucy then walks away with the girl and forces her to get in her truck. As they drive away, the woman speaks with someone on her phone telling them that Lucy and the girl have escaped.

The last scene of the first episode shows the doctor on the phone. Here's where Orphan Black fans will be excited. The doctor calls her aunt who is named Cosima. Yes, this is the same dread-headed Cosima from the original series. In this scene, we find out that the doctor is actually Kira Manning, the daughter of Sarah Manning from Orphan Black.

If you recall from the original series, Sarah and Cosima were clones. As Kira talks to Cosima on the phone, she tells her that she is worried and that she has done something terrible. Picture frames of Cosima, Sarah, and other OG characters from Orphan Black are shown sitting on a table before the episode cuts to the credits.

What are your thoughts on the pilot episode?

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