Presumed Innocent episode 3 recap: Photographs reveal a startling new suspect

Catch up on the latest episode of the thrilling Apple TV+ series Presumed Innocent starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
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Presumed Innocent episode 3 picks up in the immediate aftermath of Rusty receiving a disturbing text message from someone claiming to have seen him at Carolyn's house on the night of her murder. Yes, Rusty left out another crucial piece of information and tells Barbara that the anonymous texter is telling the truth. Rusty is looking guiltier by the second.

Even his best friend and attorney, Raymond, has doubts about Rusty's innocence. His dreams are about Rusty beating Carolyn with a fire poker. His wife, Lorraine, is good at keeping things in perspective. Regardless of how this case turns out, it's likely to ruin him. If they lose, Raymond will blame himself, and if they win, he might spend the rest of his life wondering if he helped let a guilty man go free.

Rusty has made bail, and another person has joined the defense team, a Yalee named Mya Winslow (Gabby Beans). But the main problem with their case is that Rusty is currently the only suspect, meaning even if the jury has some reasonable doubt, they might still convict Rusty on the basis of no one else being set forth as a potential alternative.

Help comes in the surprising form of Carolyn's son, Michael, who reveals himself as the person texting Rusty after inviting him to meet up in a sketchy location. Michael tells Rusty he took photos and video of Rusty at his mother's house that night, revealing that yes, Rusty was irrefutably there, but also that Michael was there, inadvertently making himself a potential suspect.

Aware that Michael could be wired, Rusty plays it safe and advises Michael to hand the photographic evidence over to himself or the police. It turns out he's already given it to the prosecution, Nico and Tommy, though they conveniently leave that out during the status conference with the judge. Raymond brings it to attention, and the judge quickly calls Tommy out for trying to hide evidence, ordering him to hand over the photos and video so they can all analyze it together. She also grants the defense permission to check out the crime scene, which is a rarity and a positive sign.

It's not just the judge, Rusty, and Raymond who are wary of Tommy's behavior and apparent vendetta toward Rusty. Even Nico is concerned that Tommy might wreck their case because of his narcissism and desire to put Rusty behind bars at all costs, even if it means making the trial unfair. The guy's got some serious issues.

By the end of the episode, Rusty is pivoting toward other possible suspects. He wants Raymond to realize that's their best bet at winning their case. He and Rigo continue following the Bunny Davis trail, like trying to find out who was behind the second semen sample left at her crime scene. But the most shocking suspect of all is Rusty's own son, Kyle. While looking through Michael's photographs from that night, he notices one photo shows Kyle riding his bike nearby.

Speaking of Rusty's family, his kids struggle to deal with everything coming to light about their father. Kyle even wonders if Rusty should consider taking a plea deal so he doesn't get a life sentence. And Barbara is bearing the brunt of the media circus, even getting benched at her job due to the heightened activity she brings. She takes refuge at a local bar where a cute and charming bartender flirts with her. Lorraine encourages Barbara to consider having a little extramarital fun on the side.

New episodes of Presumed Innocent premiere Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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