SCREAMBOX kicks off 2024 with Horror in the High Desert and more

New year, new horror to stream, right? SCREAMBOX is starting off 2024 by adding some innovative horror to their streaming service, including some classics, some cult faves, and even a horror anthology series.
SCREAMBOX January - Courtesy SCREAMBOX /

Just in time for the new year, SCREAMBOX has more great additions to stream for January of 2024. Let’s take a look at how SCREAMBOX is helping horror fans kick off the new year in style.

January 5:

L. A. Slasher - Described as a “black comedy”, L. A. Slasher gives us a kidnapper/torturer who is obsessed with pop culture stars. The Slasher abducts reality stars, heiresses, socialites, etc, and eventually turns to murder. The film stars Dave Bautista, Mischa Barton, Andy Dick, Eric Roberts and Danny Trejo, among others.

January 9:

Underground (SCREAMBOX Exclusive) – “Inspired by true events, the found footage nightmare finds a bachelorette party trapped in a World War II bunker complex.”

January 16:

Horror in the High Desert – This 2021 found footage flick dives into the disappearance of an amateur hiker in the Nevada desert. When a search party finds no sign of the missing hiker, his sister brings in a private investigator, aided by a local reporter.

Horror in the High Desert 2: Minerva – Journalist Gal Roberts returns in this sequel to investigate another strange event in the Nevada desert. A geology student named Minerva is the subject this time around.

January 23:

DemonsDario Argento’s 1985 classic tells the story of two college students in Berlin who are given tickets for a very disturbing horror film. When they arrive at the theater, there are also other attendees, and soon the entire audience finds themselves fighting off (and being transformed into) demons.

Demons 2 – In this sequel, people who live in a high-rise apartment complex become affected by a film shown on television.

Also coming to SCREAMBOX in January:

When Darkness Falls – Friends Jess and Andrea are hiking in the Scottish Highlands, and become separated. Jess tries in vain to find her missing friend, but things are not as they seem in this psychological thriller.

They See You – Three brothers who are social outcasts decide to play a Halloween prank by stealing The Board of Samhain from an antique shop. As it turns out, the board is home to a host of demons.

42-66: Origin of Evil – When a patient known as 42-66 is released from a psychiatric hospital, he is followed by an evil presence.

SCREAMBOX January - Courtesy SCREAMBOX /

Ash and Bone – Teenager Cassie is not happy when her Dad and stepmom make the decision to move to the sticks, but she soon makes some questionable friends who tell her all about the legend of the creepy McKinley House. A brother and sister live in the place, and they are thought to be murderers.

The Dead Hour (series) – This horror anthology series was brought to us by Terror Films, creators of The Taking of Deborah Logan and the Hell House LLC franchise. Presented as a radio show hosted by DJ Raven, the series features 12 dark tales in total, each with a different storyline and cast.