Set your destination for Shudder's Vacation Terror collection this month

Jodie (Ann Truong), Annie (Saskia Archer), Nic (Teressa Liane) - The Reef: Stalked - Photo Credit: Jaque Fisher/Shudder
Jodie (Ann Truong), Annie (Saskia Archer), Nic (Teressa Liane) - The Reef: Stalked - Photo Credit: Jaque Fisher/Shudder /

Are you looking to escape the summer heat by watching chilling horror movies on Shudder? If so, you are in luck, because the horror-streaming platform is offering up a Vacation Terror Collection, and we are here to break it down for you.

Vacation of Terror – In this 1989 Mexican horror cult favorite, Julio ends up with an amulet that held a powerful witch prisoner. When he, his wealthy girlfriend Paulina and her family stay at a vacation home that she recently inherited, things are a bit off with the place. Paulina’s young cousin Gaby happens upon a pit, where she finds a strange doll. She soon begins to claim that the doll talks to her, and eventually becomes possessed.

Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday – Obviously, this is a sequel to Vacation of Terror. Julio now runs an antique shop, and keeps to himself. When he attends a child’s birthday party, he discovers that the evil possessed doll from the first film is back. Online reviews indicate that this sequel is cheesier than the original, but still fun.

Piranha – Originally released in 1978, Piranha is a cult fave executive produced by the great Roger Corman, and directed by Joe Dante. It's a staple for people who love underwater horror. A skiptracer charged with finding some missing teens comes upon a strange compound, complete with a pool. The pool is drained, accidently releasing a school of piranha into the nearby river. Turns out a scientist was keeping the piranha, which were particularly hearty and aggressive…and now, they are on the loose!

Sharkspolitation key art
Sharksploitation - Courtesy Shudder /

Sharksploitation – If you love shark movies, this is the documentary for you! A lot of time is spent talking about 1975’s Jaws, which is widely considered to be the very first “summer blockbuster.” We also get the low down on each of the Jaws sequels, but let’s face it – Jaws is the Big Daddy of shark films. A lot of other well-known shark movies are mentioned too (Open Water, The Reef, 47 Meters Down, and of course the phenomenon that is known as Sharknado ), but you might also hear about some older flicks you aren't familiar with. In any case, Sharksploitation is chock full of facts, trivia and interviews with people such as Peter Benchley’s widow, so it’s a must-see for for lovers of underwater horror.

Influencer – This Shudder Original film is part of the relatively new sub-genre related to social media. Social media influencer Madison takes a trip to Thailand, making it appear to her followers as if she is having a great time travelling solo. The reality is that she had expected her boyfriend to accompany her, and he let her down. But, she makes a new friend in CW, who shows her some pretty cool places. It all goes awry when CW dumps Madison on a deserted island and takes over her online identity. In the interest of not giving too much away, that’s all you are going to get from me, but trust me – Influencer is a good summer watch.

A Wounded Fawn – “A serial killer brings an unsuspecting new victim on a weekend getaway to add another body to his ever-growing count. She's buying into his faux charms, and he's eagerly lusting for blood.”

Sissy – Another Shudder Original, Sissy is an absolutely bonkers horror film (in the best possible way). Aisha Dee gives a fantastic, sympathetic performance as the title character (Cecilia), a social media life style influencer who still feels the trauma of being bullied as a kid. When Cecilia runs into an old friend named Emma, she ends up being invited to Emma’s engagement paper and bachelorette trip. Unfortunately, the other girls don’t really warm up to Cecilia, her fragile mental state begins to crack, and a lot of gory bloodshed ensues.

The Reef: Stalked – In this rather lackluster sequel to The Reef, Nic goes on a kayaking trip with some friends in an effort to heal from the trauma she suffered when her sister was murdered. While out on the kayak, the three women are attacked by a shark, and it all seems very personal.

- The Seed _ Key Art - Photo Credit: Shudder
- The Seed _ Key Art - Photo Credit: Shudder /

The Seed – Heather, Charlotte and Deirdre are three friends who take a trip into the Mojave Desert so they can observe a huge meteor shower. They stay at the super-fancy home of Heather’s Dad, but soon after arriving, their phones aren’t working. That’s bad, because social media influencer Deirdre planned to livestream the shower. Things get pretty bonkers after a meteor crashes in the yard; as it turns out, the “meteor” is actually a weird space creature that causes some pretty disturbing changes in the women.

Great White – Kaz, her boyfriend Charlie, and three passengers fly to Hell’s Reef, where they find the body of a shark attack victim. When they set out to find the victim’s girlfriend, they discover her shark-ravaged body amidst the wreckage of a yacht. You know what happens, they end up being stalked and attacked by sharks.

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