Slamdance Film Fest to move from Park City to LA in 2025

The popular film festival is officially on the move.
2024 Slamdance Red Carpet
2024 Slamdance Red Carpet / Mat Hayward/GettyImages

Since 1995, the Slamdance Film Festival had a home in Park City, Utah as an alternative to that city's major festival, Sundance. When Slamdance turns 30 next year, however, it'll have a new home. The fest is relocating to LA, organizers announced this week, which has come as shock to many. The long-running festival held for a week in Utah has been a haven for new and emerging talent. As to the reasoning behind the move, it sounds like cost is a big factor.

According to a press release, next year's fest will run from February 20-26 at venues surrounding Hollywood, including the Landmark Theatres and the DGA Theater Complex, with more locations to be announced. Despite the move, the fest, which started in true DIY, punk rock spirit for indie filmmakers, will remain financially accessible. In-person passes will start at $50, while many programs will remain free to the public.

While the move from Park City to LA may come as a surprise, Slamdance founder and CEO Peter Baxter sees it as a measure of the fest's continued growth and success, per The Los Angeles Times.

"There have always been opportunities that we’ve created for filmmakers in Park City, but L.A. is a place where there are actually greater opportunities for Slamdance to grow. We’ve been trying very hard to make our festival accessible and inclusive, and that also has to do with socioeconomics. A lot of audience members find going to film festivals quite expensive, and for filmmakers themselves, going to Park City is also a considerable expense."

2007 Park City - Peter Baxter Outdoor Portraits
2007 Park City - Peter Baxter Outdoor Portraits / Randall Michelson/GettyImages

The move also has major support from LA officials, including Mayor Karen Bass. She endorsed the decision, saying in a press release, “We are thrilled to announce that the Slamdance Film Festival is moving to Los Angeles and will host its first event here beginning in February 2025. To know the history and landscape of independent storytelling is to know that Los Angeles has always been a home and a source of inspiration for artists, as the creative capital of the world."

During its nearly 30-year run thus far, Slamdance has had plenty of notable alumni and supporters. These include The Russo Brothers, of Avengers: Endgame fame, Emma and Christopher Nolan, Rian Johnson, Parasite director Bong Joon Ho, among many others. It's also featured several short and full-length horror films over the years by up-and-coming directors.

Submissions to the 2025 festival open on May 8.

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