The Ritual director David Bruckner tapped to helm Mice for A24

2017 Toronto International Film Festival - "The Ritual" Premiere
2017 Toronto International Film Festival - "The Ritual" Premiere / Brian de Rivera Simon/GettyImages

A24 isn't slowing down when it comes to pumping out films. We have A24 horror movies such as MaXXXine, Heretic and The Front Room slated to be released in theaters this year, and now we've just learned that the cinematic powerhouse will be producing and financing a new horror thriller titled Mice. Not much is known about the movie at the moment, but we shared everything we know so far below.

American film director David Bruckner is signed on to direct the film from a screenplay co-written by Todd Spence and Zak White. This marks Spence and White's first major sale at a major studio. They're longtime collaborators who have previously worked together on many short films. One of their most recent collaborations was co-writing the scripts for two episodes of the horror anthology series Creepshow.

Bruckner is best known for working on the cult anthology horror series V/H/S. The most recent film in the series, V/H/S/85, was released on Shudder in October 2023. Bruckner worked as a director and producer on the film. He's also known for co-writing and co-directing the horror film The Signal and helming the supernatural folk horror film The Ritual and the supernatural psychological horror film The Night House. In addition, he directed the supernatural horror flick Hellraiser, which is currently streaming on Hulu.

Unfortunately, plot details for the Mice are being kept secret for now. But based on the title, we wouldn't be surprised if it was some sort of creature feature. Regardless of what the film will be about, you can rest assured that it will be entertaining to watch. A24 has yet to let horror fans down, so we have a lot of faith that Mice will be a must-see movie when it comes out.

Besides Mice, A24 is also working on another horror flick titled Bring Her Back. The company is reteaming with Talk to Me directors Danny and Michael Philippou on this project. They're also working on a movie called The Death of Robin Hood, which is set to star Hugh Jackman and Jodie Comer. Then, there's the Crystal Lake series, which is currently looking for a new showrunner, and the upcoming murder-mystery flick The Wives, which is set to star Jennifer Lawrence.

Stay tuned to 1428 Elm as we will be sharing new information about Mice as it is released!

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