The soundtrack to The First Omen will be available on vinyl! Here's how you can pre-order yours

The First Omen soundtrack album - Courtesy Mutant
The First Omen soundtrack album - Courtesy Mutant /

Heads up, vinyl/horror fans! Mutant has announced a physical edition of The First Omen’s soundtrack…which will be released on vinyl!

The soundtrack for the original 1976 film The Omen was ground-breaking, because it’s the only time a horror score has ever won an Academy Award. Jerry Goldsmith composed that iconic score, and Mark Korven (The Witch, The Lighthouse) did the honors for The First Omen.

Mutant describes itself as “a pop culture art, music and collectibles shop”, and they have pulled out all the stops for the release of The First Omen soundtrack album. Mutant co-founder Mo Shafeek commented that, “A lot has changed since 1976, but one thing that hasn't is that horror scores deserve to be played as loud as possible, on vinyl, from your home stereo."

As a horror fan since my childhood, I was obsessed with The Omen from the time I first saw it in a theatre. I was one of those film nerds who felt compelled to own the soundtracks from all of the movies I loved, and The Omen had a great one. In particular, the song Ave Satani really set the creepy atmosphere for the film. If you consider yourself a fan of horror movies, and you don’t think you have ever heard the score, look it up. Odds are, you HAVE heard it.

Fans can pre-order The First Omen soundtrack beginning April 5 by visiting Mutant’s webstore. It will be a double album, pressed on 140gram color or black vinyl discs. Each disc is protected by a printed inner sleeve housed in a die-cut jacket.

The First Omen album
The First Omen soundtrack album - Courtesy Mutant /

The package design is by Mo Shafeek, and the purchase price is $40.

The release date for The First Omen soundtrack album coincides with the premier date of the film itself. The film can be seen in theaters starting on April 5, and I am happy to report that the advance reviews have been very positive so far. The First Omen is a direct prequel to The Omen.

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