True crime series Death in the Dorms is returning for a second season on Hulu

Death in the Dorms season two - Courtesy Hulu
Death in the Dorms season two - Courtesy Hulu /

True crime series Death in the Dorms is back for a second season on Hulu. The six-episode series will tell the stories of college students who lost their lives due to murder, domestic violence and even fraternity hazing.

College should be the exciting start of adult life for young men and women, when most students are living away from their childhood homes for the very first time. But for the students featured in Death in the Dorms, it ended tragically and far too soon.

All episodes of season two of Death in the Dorms begin streaming February 22 on Hulu. Here are the stories that will be told this season:

In 2017, Jenna Burleigh was a 22-year-old Temple University student who advocated for the rights of homeless people. She was happily pursuing film studies at Temple when she met Joshua Hupperterz at a bar. The two went to Hupperterz’s apartment together, and that is where he fatally beat and strangled her.

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Death in the Dorms season two - Image courtesy ABC News Studios /

Haley Anderson was a nursing student at Binghamton University in New York, and when she didn’t return to her off-campus apartment for a second day, her roommate was concerned. She and another student used the Find my Friends app and tracked Haley to the apartment of fellow nursing student Orlando Tercero, where the roommate climbed in through a window and found Haley’s body.

University of Miami linebacker Marlin Barnes shared an on-campus apartment with another football player, Earl Little. When Little showed up at the apartment on an April morning in 1996, he was at first unable to open the door; it seemed that something was blocking it. As it turned out, Marlin’s beaten body was blocking the door, and the body of Barnes’s girlfriend Timwanika Lumpkins was also found when police arrived.

23-year-old Patrick Moffly was a student at the College of Charleston when he was shot and killed in downtown Charleston in March of 2016. This turned out not to be a random shooting however, and the incident ended up resulting in the then-largest drug bust in the history of Charleston. Shockingly, the drug ring was made up of privileged fraternity members.

Former Jackson State student Latasha Norman, who was stabbed to death in 2007, currently has a Counseling Center named after her on campus. She was reported missing by her family in November of 2007, and two weeks later, her ex-boyfriend confessed to killing her and led police to her body. He had concealed her in a wooded area, and was subsequently prosecuted for her murder.

In 2017, Louisiana State student Max Gruver was pledging at the campus chapter of Phi Delta Theta. During a hazing ritual, he was made to answer questions about the history of the fraternity, and forced to drink alcohol if he answered incorrectly. He passed out on a couch, and later died after his airway was blocked by vomit. Following a trial, the fraternity was forced to suspend their chapter.

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