Universal Orlando Resort announces first "big name" theme for Halloween Horror Nights house

Stranger Things, photo provided by Universal Orlando
Stranger Things, photo provided by Universal Orlando /

Barely a week after Universal Orlando Resort released the themes for six Halloween Horror Nights’ original concept haunted houses, the first “big” name house has been announced.

Halloween Horror Nights will start terrifying guests on August 30 (August 29 if you choose to experience Premium Scream Night), which is just around the corner! That means we can look forward to regular announcements from here on out. In prior years, those announcements have included the house, live show and scare zone themes, along with sneak peeks of the merchandise and themed food and drink options.

The original themes for the 2024 Halloween Horror Nights houses include:

Slaughter Sinema 2

Goblin’s Feast

Major Sweet’s Candy Factory

The Museum: Deadly Exhibits

Mostruos: The Monsters of Latin America

Triplets of Terror

Joining these horrifying houses will be A Quiet Place, Universal Orlando’s homage to the films A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II. Universal Studios Hollywood will also include A Quiet Place in their roster of houses for Halloween Horror Nights.

A Quiet Place opened in April of 2018, and was a huge hit out of the gate. It grossed $18.9 million on its opening day alone, and ended up grossing $50.2 million on its first weekend. A Quiet Place starred Emily Blunt and director/co-writer John Krasinski as a married couple helping their children survive in a terrifying future where blind monsters destroy anything that makes noise…including humans.

A Quiet Place key art - HHN 2024
Paramount Pictures’ critically acclaimed film series A Quiet Place comes to life as an all-new Halloween Horror Nights haunted house which is set to begin Friday, August 30 at Universal Orlando Resort, and Thursday, September 5 at Universal Studios Hollywood. - credit: Universal Studios /

The film was novel for a horror movie, due to the spare dialogue. In a world where talking can turn you into prey, it is imperative to stay as silent as possible. Luckily for the Abbott family, they know American Sign Language due to daughter Regan’s deafness.

A Quiet Place Part II was released in 2022 as a direct sequel to the first film, and events in both are incorporated into the house. Universal says the A Quiet Place house will mirror “the silence in the films”, incorporating special effects and sound design, along with use of American Sign Language. That will be a first for a HHN house.

Included will be scenes such as the Abbott family’s farmhouse and root cellar (where Evelyn gave birth in the first film). Guests will be reminded that it is imperative to remain quiet, lest the deadly creatures hear you. 

Select tickets for Universal Studios Florida Halloween Horror Nights are on sale now, including those for Premium Scream Night.

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