Upcoming horror-comedy Easter Bloody Easter hops onto streaming soon

Easter Bloody Easter - Courtesy WallyBird Productions
Easter Bloody Easter - Courtesy WallyBird Productions /

Diane Foster is hopping into the director's chair for her debut Easter Bloody Easter with her production company WallyBird Productions. The film will release on VOD later this month on March 26th and will star Foster herself as well as a collection of other fantastic actors including Kelly Grant, Allison Lobel, Zuri Starks, D'Andre Noiré, Zachary Kanner, Miles Cooper and Gavin Lee. Taking place in the small Texas town of Walburg, our heroine Jeanie finds herself thrust into the midst of a series of bloody murders when her husband turns up missing with only a wrecked car covered in blood and fur as evidence. The resident town conspiracy theorist steers Jeanie towards the infamous Jackalope, a legendary shapeshifting creature that was said to torment the town 150 years before. As the town's annual Egg Hunt looms, Jeanie and the town must band together to save her husband, and everyone else from this evil creature and his army of minions as their Easter holiday descends into madness.

Written by Allison Lobel, Easter Blood Easter heavily features a terrifying jackalope creature who was designed by Jesse Velez of Raptor House FX, well known for creating "Hand" from wildly popular Netflix show Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega. Paired with a soundtrack carefully curated by award winning composer Mark Vogel and sound design by Emmy-winning Paca Thomas, you can't miss this holiday heater.

Easter Bloody Easter
Easter Bloody Easter - Courtesy WallyBird Productions /

Easter Bloody Easter is meaningful for other reasons as well, winning the Reframe Stamp, an initiative from Women in Film, highlighting the production as a gender balanced one. This was incredibly important to Foster who stated, "With over 95% of our ‘Easter Bloody Easter’ team as female-identifying, we are so honored to be recognized for gender parity and for fulfilling our mission and commitment to equality and inclusion.”

You can currently pre-order this quirky femme fatale film on ITunes/Apple TV, with the soundtrack dropping on Spotify on March 20th and the world premiere the very next day on March 21st in Los Angeles. On March 26th, it will be widely available to stream on VOD platforms. This is one egg you're certainly going to want to hunt for later this month!