Where to stream MaXXXine after the slasher leaves theaters

Mia Goth in MaXXXine, Credit: Justin Lubin/A24
Mia Goth in MaXXXine, Credit: Justin Lubin/A24 / Credit: Justin Lubin/A24

Today is the day that many horror fans have been waiting for. Ti West's MaXXXine is now showing in theaters, so I hope you bought your ticket to see it. However, we're aware that some people aren't necessarily moviegoers and would rather watch this film at home. Well, we have good news for those people. MaXXXine will eventually make its way to a streaming service sometime after its theatrical release. A digital release is also expected.

So, what streaming service will the slasher end up landing on? That streamer would be Max. Why? Well, it's because of a multiyear deal between Warner Bros. Discovery and A24 that was set in place back in December 2023. The deal brings all of A24's theatrically released films exclusively to HBO, Max, and Cinemax after their theatrical runs. Unfortunately, a streaming release date has not been announced yet, but we have an idea of when MaXXXine could possibly land on Max.

Previous theatrically released A24 movies have hit Max between 17 and 20 weeks after their theater debuts. If MaXXXine were to follow this same streaming release pattern, this means we could see it on Max sometime in November 2024. However, this is just a release prediction. The slasher could come to Max earlier or later than what we predicted. Once the official streaming release date is announced, we'll let you know right away.

Now, when it comes to a digital release, you can expect this to happen before the streaming release. According to Screen Rant, A24 films usually receive a digital release around 50 days after they hit theaters. If MaXXXine were to follow suit, this would put the digital release sometime in August 2024. But again, this is just a release prediction. We'll get back to you with the official digital release date once it's announced.

Mia Goth as Maxine Minx and Elizabeth Debicki as Elizabeth Bender in MaXXXine
(L-R) Mia Goth, Elizabeth Debicki in MaXXXine, Credit: Justin Lubin/A24 /

Serving as a direct sequel to X, MaXXXine takes place in the '80s in Los Angeles, California. After surviving the 1979 farmhouse massacre, aspiring actress and adult film star Maxine Minx wants to leave the past in the past and focus on finally getting her big break in Hollywood. But her dream of becoming a star is threatened when she is targeted by an infamous serial killer known as the Night Stalker.

British actress Mia Goth returns as Maxine Minx. Joining her in the cast are Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Monaghan, Bobby Cannavale, Giancarlo Esposito, Kevin Bacon, Moses Sumney, Lily Collins, Halsey, and many others.

Take a look at the exciting official trailers below for a sneak peek of the film!

MaXXXine is now out. Will you be watching the slasher in theaters or waiting for it to come to streaming or digital?

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