The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season One Character Deaths

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Edwin Jenner

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Name: Edwin Jenner

Episode Introduced: Wildfire (Season 1, Episode 5)

Episode Died: TS-19 (Season 1, Episode 6)

Last Words: “They got out!”

Bio: When the group arrives at the CDC, they are hopeful to find a cure. All they find instead is a lone scientist in the building. Dr. Edwin Jenner stayed behind to examine the mysterious outbreak after every other researcher had already fled. Unfortunately, however, he could not come up with a cure.

But he apparently came close. Jenner’s wife was a researcher also studying the deadly contagion. After being infected, she volunteered for Jenner to examine her as she passed. This provided him with some vital tissue samples he could work with in his plan to come up with some cure or vaccine. But all that was lost when a lab accident completely destroyed the samples.

Following the loss of his work, Jenner knew it was all over. Humanity’s last hope died with those samples. So all there was left was to wait for the generator fuel to run out, which would bring about the self-destruction of the CDC. He sticks to this plan even when Rick and the others come in to stay the night, and tells them as much the next morning.

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Jenner says that a quick, painless death is the best thing for everybody. With no hope for a cure, they’re likely just going to die or turn into a zombie out there. But most of the group prefers to take their chances, and they find a way to escape the facility. Jenner and Jacqui watch on the security monitors as the group leaves the building just before the timer runs down. He perishes in the subsequent explosion which levels the entire CDC.